Stomach and chest pains, someone help please!

Hi all, ive been suffering from severe stomach pain and have recently been told i meed a camera up each end as they think its IBS , but recently i have started getting severe sharp chest pains that then spread to my sides and back and make me feel very sick, as they come and go like contractions i dont know what to do, could someone help please? Cant bare to be so ill amd in so much pain anymore 😞

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  • if its really that bad i would go to the a & e as its not right to be left at home suffering such pain especiallly when you have not had a diagnosis as it could be anything. try your doctor first and if you cant get an appointment today (it could be a holiday today) just go to the hospital thats what the accident and emergency is for. so dont be afraid. its better than sitting in terrible pain and worrying. love grace xoxoxo

  • I went to A+E, with a massive flare of pain and they treated me really bad and told me this isn't the reason for A+E. I felt bad enough going there, let alone getting a lecture from the nurse. The doctor was very nice and prescribed several morphine injections which got my pain under control!

  • you may have got treated badly but at the end of the day you got morphine for your pain. if thats not the reason for a an e what is. E quals emergency. thats why you got the morphine,

  • I have strong pain killers at home, but they put them into a vein. Technically it wasn't a trip to A+E. Chronic pain isn't an emergency.

    Emergency is chest pain, shortness of breath, stroke, collapse, seizures etc.

    I felt bad that I may be delaying care for someone else... I could have rung the out of hours doctor, but it would have taken him an hour to come and give the injections at home.

  • First its a trip to a and e then it's not then you say the nice doctor prescribed several morphine injections.then you say the morphine is your own. Daniel make up your mind.anything to win a useless argument. Where is the block button???

  • I mean't it wasn't a justified reason for going to A+E.

    Chronic pain isn't an emergency!

  • dont let anyone put you off going to the hospital as stokebones has just said they got serveral morphine injections. == result. you may not have had an accident but its an emergency. i had gallstones for a long time before i had my gallbladder removed and was at a & e several times, i was scared to go as i felt i was being a pest but was told i was doing the right thing and i was even admitted at one point, so if your in that much pain go to the hospital. love grace.xoxoxo

  • I always thing that any sharp or severe chest pain needs checking out fairly urgently. If the doctors then say there is nothing serious going on with your heart, you can be reassured if it happens again. But until you get that first check (usually with an ECG or other heart monitoring) none of us really knows what it is.

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