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Stabbing Headache Pains

For the last few weeks I have been having these sharp pains in the head. It will start off light but then it will turn into a headache that lasts all day. The headaches are very painful. My eyes hurt and there is pain in my temple. I can barely sleep at night from the pain. I take medicine but it doesn't help.

Can someone tell me what may be wrong??

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Hello lillyloves

not sutre what is going on.have you any swelling?seen your gp?or maybe have an eye test.opticians can tell a lot from eye tests these days.hope you get some relief soon.


Sounds like Migraines, might be worth looking online for foods that cause migraine and then you can eliminate suspected items from your diet. chocolate, mature cheese coffee are ones that can set me off but medications can do it too as can Sulphur Dioxide which is found in many foods and drinks as a preservative. Ie : larger beer cider wine and in sausages etc


If it seems to be a pain deep in the eye and the temple. More at night than day. I used ice packs on the eye and after an hr or so it disappeared, but my eye sight was blured.

It was narrow angle glaucoma even though the dr. told me it was cluster headaches......

If your symptoms are similar, go to your dr and ask him to send you to a check up at the hospital or go to your opticians for an eye pressure check.


See GP to check for anything serious.

A McTimony chiropractor can check for Muscle spasms which are triggering the pain by applying pressure to tissues that should not be receiving pressure. An Alexander Teacher can check if your posture is causing a problem.

The suggestion to see an optician is a sensible thing to do. If you have a relative who has had glaucoma you can get free eye checks.

Hope this helps


Sounds like migraine to me. I had them for 10 yrs and had to take preventative medicine to alleviate them. If you read up on it you will notice that your symptoms are very similar to these type of headaches.

Try to catch the headache early before it gets a grip and lie down in a dark room with cold compress over your eyes. That will ease it for awhile, but I feel that you should keep at your Drs for treatment.

Kindest regards Jan



I have a similar sounding problem which results from a problem related to my upper cervical spine and neck due to the loss of its natural curvature and my nerves becoming trapped and impinged. I experience occipital neuralgia attacks, which are random and vary in severity and best described as a debilitating sharp burning and intense pain shooting from the back of the head to the front.

When I experience neuralgia attacks in my head, if I don't stop what I am doing and take the weight my head off my upper spine and neck by lying flat on my back and resting my neck in lightly arched position the symptoms of my condition just get worse. Firstly I begin the experience acute pain in my temples and behind my eyes and hears, as the severity of that pain increases I can experience extended periods of tinnitus, blurred vision, hearing, speech problems and cognitive and sensory impairments that give rise to anxiety and mood swings that may take an extended period of time to recover from and have a considerable impact on my family.

Medication and nerve blocks have from 2008 to date proved ineffective in treating or controlling my condition, however for me regular gentle daily neck & shoulder massages have proved beneficial in decreasing the frequency and severity of the attacks.

Additionally, you may find it helpful if you could identify any triggers that may be associated with anything that induces the pains in your head. Which for me identified that I needed to avoid anything that increased tension in my shoulders and particularly my upper spine and neck. Poor posture or holding my head in any static position even for the briefest time while ie reading, using a computer, phone or even just sitting etc.


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