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I'm 16 years old (female and in very good shape and health) and I've been having chest pains since I was 13. At first I didn't think much of it- I had a little "attack" once every few weeks. it was a sharp pain and I couldn't focus in school because of it. The pains lasted around 5-10 mintues. As the years went on the attacks became fore frequent. When I was 15 I started a new vigorous sport and the chest pain just was so bad it lasted all day long and I couldn't even do my sport because It felt like I was being compressed. I went to the doctors and they said I had costochondritis so They prescribed anti-inflamitory pills. Those didn't help- obviously. Now my pain is very frequent and is all day log and lasts days and there's shorter periods of time In between where I don't have the pains. It's so achy and it really hurts, I've been to the doctor twice and they both said costochondritis. But I want to go again and I also don't because I don't want them to keep saying the same thing- but it's starting to really effect me and it really hurts. please help!

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Hate you're in so much pain! Did they check your inflammation levels for auto immune disorders? Also maybe get Ferritin (iron) levels checked. My chest gets very heavy & tight & feels squeezed in when my Ferritin is too high. Could be sooo many things causing it? Have you gone to a chiropractor maybe it's myofascitis? Just wild guesses but hey that's all docs give us & they charge lots more!! Try to stay active & must be your own best advocate. Speak up & be heard! You're not alone.

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain, for one so young.

You have to go back to the doctors and say the pain killers are not working,

They must help you by sending you to a specialist to run some tests.

Hope you get the help you need.

You could go to a & e, or if it is very bad call an ambulance. Have you had all the tests for your heart? I have fibromyalgia in my arms and chest, also heart problems, so when things get bad and my bp goes very high I have been told to dial 999 to be checked. The ambulance has equipment on board to check out what is happening to your heart. It does not mean you will be taken in. A chiropractor would be a good idea. Ask your doctor to refer you to a hospital consultant, you have a right to ask for a second opinion. You are young and coming up to important exams, it is important you are not stressed with your health at this time. Ask for help from your school they know you and may be able to get help for you. You do not want to be in acute pain whilst taking your exams. Now is the time to push again for more support, tests and help. God bless.

Hi Abcsxx88, you may be young but that doesn't mean you don't have an health issue. We can help with advice but can't diagnose ect , if I was you next time you have chest pain call an ambulance then you might be taken seriously and get another opinion at the time. You will need to be firm about this matter as you the patient is worried about your symptom getting more frequent and severe. Best wishes x

Hi Abcsxx88, sorry to hear if your pain.

I too had this condition a few years back. This is caused by inflammation of the cartilage in your chest so if it's already inflamed plus you are doing lots of vigorous sport that will make it hurt worse.

Apart from anti inflamatories you might also make sure you have a very supportive sports bra and wear a bra at night in bed too to support your breasts at all times and ease the strain off your chest.

If you has strained an ankle, you would strap it up and be careful walking let alone playing sports until it had healed. This is a similar situation but in your chest.

I know it's painful, interfering and a bit scary but try not to worry too much. Instead proactively manage the condition until it has had time to heal. Talking to your parents/ PE teacher may help take the pressure off too.

Hope things get better for you soon.

Take care.


Hello, I had pain in the upper right quadrant; it felt like it was my right chest, lung, and shoulder. It was an intense, burning pain. Xray normal; liver and gallbladder ultrasound normal, so the doctor sent me for a HYTA scan, which measures gallbladder function. I failed that one, so doc recommended gallbladder removal. I had developed fever, so the gallbladder came out the next day. I feel so much better.

I never had any gallstones or gallbladder attacks-just constant pain.

If you recognize any of these symptoms, then ask your doctor to have the gallbladder thoroughly checked.

get a different doctor to put your mind at rest it could be Angina or something else so get a second opinion.

Abcxx88 I am so sprry you are in pain. I can imagine how frustrating this is. I agree with everyone else and checking inflammatory levels. Have they tried a Mythlpred pack? I have a simular experience and was diagnosed with Paricarditis. The world of Rheumatiology is very gray and overlaping. Hang in there and keep fighting for your self.



Sounds like you have been having anxiety attacks (panic attacks) u don't need to be anxious to have these my partner has them too, I do hope u solve it luv

See a McTimony chiropractor. They can check for things that the GP has no idea about. A rib muscle in spasm can apply pressure to all sorts of things which then results in pain. Removing the muscle spasm will reduce the pain. It may be possible that you will end up pain free.

Posture could be an influence on and a cause of the pain. Posture and the effects of muscle tension on pain is not an area that the medical profession know much about. It is worth seeing an Alexander Teacher to see if this helps the problem.

The two disciplines can give you another way of looking at your situation.


I was sorry to read that your in such terrible pain, I know from experience at how distressing that is. I have not suffered from the same pain you are, but the next time you are feeling so ill with the pain I would do what others have said & phone an ambulance, it won't hurt to be checked out. If you are given the same diagnosis, I have been checking it out on a web site called emedicinehealth. There was a lot of people who had tried various remedies & some worked, but see what medication they offer you 1st and follow that before trying anything else out. Good luck getting the correct diagnosis & I hope that you feel better soon.

Go to the doctor again, but this time ask if you can be referred to a rheumatologist because you don't feel it is normal to have this much inflammatory pain in your ribs, this often.

Please go and see your accident and emergency hospital, Its so important that you get checked out. Its better than getting rushed in because you fall down in the street.


Dear Abcsxx88

First of all I am very sorry to hear you are having chest pains. Obviously you are very concerned and it is worrying you so I would strongly urge you to try and get to A & E as others have advised, when this happens again. Although it may be nothing to worry about you will be taken seriously and somebody will help you I am sure. Do your parents/teachers know? There are lots of easy tests they can so don't be frightened of going to hospital. If you cannot get to A & E (Accident and Emergency at the hosptial) just ring 999 and you will get help very quickly and taken seriously by the paramedics and if they think you need to go to hospital they will take you. Nobody will be angry with you for asking for help. I really wish you all the best and please do let us know how you getting on. Thinking of you

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Best to be safe Hun and get yourself to A&eget checked out,might be nothing but growing pains,but I would not chance it

The Anti inflammatory meds should help if that's what you need.

Chest pain is the #1 reason to call for ambulance so the next time it happens call for one.

There could be several reasons for your pain. The Anti Opiate - pain killers - is forcing Dr's to blow off Patients in pain but chest pain is a serious condition and should be properly diagnosed by Dr.

You won't feel much better till you know what's causing your pain. Once they know it can be treated. But You take charge and get answers now. Go to ER with chest pain and you should get their full attention.

Any trouble breathing? Have you had blood tests ? Don't settle for We think it's this You need to know for peace of mind and comfort



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