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Random sharp pains in head

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I'm 23 years old and for about two or three weeks i have started getting random sharp stabbing pains in different places of my head. It has been most common on the back left side of the head which and the top left if the head.. I have a bit of stiffness in my right neck as well... The pains come very randomly and stay for a few seconds and go away. But the pain is very sharp and stabbing. Im starting to worry.. could it be a tumor? I have not been able to concentrate on my studies because of this. I'm always worried :( Please help me.

p.s. I also have low iron and have been given iron tablets by my physician.

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Well it night be any number of things but there is only one person who can make that diagnosis.Your Doctor.

You mist go and see him who will be able to offer you some pain relief - if you need it and probably send you for a scan.

You mustn't worry yourself about what it might be. See your GP.

Pat x

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ShaliniM in reply to Bananas5

yes i will. Thanks dear. I'm just so worried and anxious :(

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Roxkstar in reply to ShaliniM

Sister,I am 18. my iron levels are also low. and exactly same thing is happening with me.

Did you go to the doctor?

What did he say ?

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Lala1358 in reply to Bananas5

Ive been experiencing this as well but I am only 13

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Mjfb in reply to Lala1358

I'm 13 too and experiencing it as well

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Thegreyleos in reply to Mjfb

im experiencing that too!! And I'm 13

I'm 13 too and experiencing it. #squadgoals 101

I'm experiencing it and I'm only 12 😭

Me too and for how long?


Me too I am only 12

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adamt07090 in reply to Lala1358

SAME!!!! #13gang

When you're 15, but it started when you were 13

Please go to see your Dr, keep a log of what you are doing , time etc , try not to get to stressed as that always makes any situation worse

Not much help but we are not medical , just support ,

Go on make that app , and your worries could be sorted or dealt with


Does all the "support" offered here come in the form of telling people nothing relevant to the query, not so much as a helpful tip to aid their research. Then basically instructing them to not think just go to a GP.???

This isn't aimed at just you but the many comments I've seen that could easily be copy pasted on any general question because the contents is so vague.

Any head pains have a habit of being not serious or serious. That is the biggest problem. I sometimes get shooting pains that don't last long and found to be nothing more than a comb I was using aggravating the nerves. Yes as simple as that BUT I did check it out and the consultant found it out. He also said many pains like this are caused by hard pummelling of the brain and scalp when washing the hair or using the wrong shampoo...So yes it is important to flourish this out. Sharp pains are normally shooting nerves but then normally means nothing as it might not be. Hence the caution. It is so hard and no one understands the brain yet. [I don't understand myself least of all so doctors can] In the meantime be kind to yourself and get it checked out and do let us know how you get on.

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jojo-rave in reply to beauty96

Thank you. that helped so much . although I should still get it checked out . Thanks once again c;

Many head pains, especially in the areas you describe, can be caused by trapped nerves in the neck, or tension in the neck muscles. See your Dr asap to reassure yourself. Its perfectly normal to think you have a tumour or a serious illness- we've all done it- but only your GP can explore the possibilities to make a diagnosis. Try not to worry, because that won't help! Remember to take regular breaks from your study, drink plenty of water, try to do things that help you relax and get plenty of sleep. Good luck :) x

Hi, your symptoms sound very similar to a condition that I have called occipital neuralgia, for me the pain is like that of a hot sharp violent pain that strikes from the back of the to the front and varies in severity.

My problems are result from losing the natural curvature of my upper neck and spine and the tension that builds within my occipital area at the back of my head from the nerve entrapments i have from c/2 to c/7. I have to avoid the triggers that cause its symptoms and for me holding my head and neck in any static positions for even the briefest time triggers neck spasms and the occipital neuralgia attacks . If this is your problem your studies and especially reading may well prove difficult for you and your symptoms may start to extend to migraines, blurred vision, lack of concentration and cognitive ability.

Occipital neuralgia is one of my favorite things! I have arthritis and spinal stenosis as well, so I feel you! Barometric pressure is my enemy.

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viem in reply to painbypayne

Please what is the cure for this ailment.

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viem in reply to viem

Please can I get an advice on how to manage this situation because I also have the symptoms. Thank you.

I think I know your problem, because i also suffer from this. I thought it was a tumor also, but they are called ice pick headaches. They are short, but severe stabbing feeling in the top of your head or behind your eye. They are nothing to worry about, so I help this solves your problem.

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Yes, I started with these pains some years ago, I too was worried but the Doctor told me the same thing, ice-pick headaches, quite common and nothing to worry about.

Im having head pains too .

I have been getting exactly the same thing as you? And getting a sharp pain through my left ear too! :( I hope you can find out what's wrong x

Same here😟😟.

did you ever get a diagnosis on the sharp pains in your head I'm worried myself because I have the same thing happening to me except I had surgery on my brain a year ago from an infection I had but I live in a state or there is no insurance available and I only work part time at a minimum wage paying job therefore I cannot get anykind of health care so that has kept me from seeing a doctor I was just wondering what you found out about your headaches

May I ask what type of infection you had surgery for? Detail?

Have you found out what has happened yet because I have been experiencing the same pain for 3 months

sounds like icepick headaches mostly caused by stress. They aren't associated with anything serious. Usually people who have a history of migraines suffer with them , as myself. As i am not a doctor , its always best to start there. I have however studied about headaches all my life because i have suffered from migraines since i was 6 , and get tension headaches and icepick headaches. Big factors are stress, not enough water, not eating properly, lack of sleep. I have seen studies that say melatonian, and treatment for migraines can be helpful. Also watch the caffine intake. Hope it gets better!

Hi .. I had this for over a year,doctor put it down to anxiety and stress .It started getting worse ,had a scan and nothing .I then collapsed in town and taken to hospital. They looked further into what was going on and found a brain tumour. Please note matter what the doctor says ,demand a full scan because I'm lucky to be alive . Jackie

Jackie, I'm so sorry to hear this! The tumor didn't show up on the scan at all? What exactly were your symptoms? How long after your scan did they find the tumor? How old are you? What was your treatment? I'm sorry I have so many questions, I am also experiencing headaches and really worried it could be a brain tumor! Thank you in advance!

Hello, why didn't the tumor show up in the MRI? I am having the same type of headaches and it is to the point where I can't go to school because the pain is so bad.

I had shooting pain (although it wasn't super sharp) from my tight neck to the top of my head on the left side at a hockey game tonight and it felt like I couldn't breath so I had to sit out.. not sure why that happened but it happened again after the game except on the other side. It could be nothing but I've had neck pain/a tight neck for just over 3 years now and saw a physiotherapist for a while but that didn't help much. I also experienced pain behind my eyebrows. Any advice? Disclaimer: I'm only 16.

I am having the same symptoms but my memory is really bad lately, I went to doctor and had a MRI but everything was normal. It just doesn't make sense because I know something is wrong.

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Fthhp1 in reply to bridgette0014

My daughter has the same trouble., she is 17. We started acupuncture 3 weeks ago and it is helping her. After her 1st treatment the headaches were worse and she still gets a bad headache the day after the treatment but then the rest of the week she doesn't have any pain. It's amazing. Find a good accupunctutr, give it 4 visits or so but don't be afraid to try a different one if the current doesn't work for you. They all have different techniques. Good luck!

I have been have the same thing for 2 days and I'm finding it so hard to concentrat. Help me!!!😵😲.

Hey whats up. Are you still having problems and you dont know why? I havent read the whole thread yet, however I can tell you whats going if it wasnt a brain tumor and youve been searching for an answer this whole time. Maybe your like me and you keep having headaches that are disabling and still no answers after years. If this is you, then in here to tell you that youve had a brain injury, perhaps your husband beat you up, or maybe you took a left hook in a bar fight that really took snapped your neck back. I dont have all the answers, im a disabled veteran that has to rely on the VA. I know that Fiorecet will fix your problem with minimal side effects if you dont abuse the medication. I also know there are ways to rub out these headaches in the neck, although its highly unprobable youll be able to pull it off. Most of the time this will make it worse if you dont hit the right spot . I wouldn't wish these headaches on my worse enemy. Its the reason football has become so aware of head to head collisions. Anyway, I hope this helps.

Hi ShaliniM I attended my GP on Friday re stabbing pains at top left of my head which were at the hold your head eyes closed stage my doctor related it to nerve damage as the result of a rather painful tooth extraction on that side of my mouth over 3 weeks ago !! Just goes to show there's a number of simple things could cause this and not always as severe as we all fear .

Hope your feeling better

Did you ever get an answer? I have the exact problem

HELLO, I'M just reading your post. I've been dealing with the same thing, sharp pain in the neck and the back of my head traveling to the top of my head as well. It sometimes feels like electric shock sensation. I went to the Dr today and he says that i have what's called " Occipital Neuralgia (look it up) I pray that you find an answer and i pray for relief.

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