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Pain in my right side under my ribs

I've had this pain since September, it flares up really bad sometimes and I've had 3 hospital admissions when it gets really bad. I've had a ct colonoscopy and a mri which has shown up nothing. Tramadol is the only thing that eases the pain but I can't take them when I'm working. I'm fed up with suffering all the time and I'm very frustrated as I've no idea what the pain is. Anyone out there suffering like me?

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Could it be stones in the gallbladder or a grumbling appendics.

Not a medical person, although had the stones an it can be very painful, found mine with a ultra scan. The operation was keyhole Surgery and I was out in three nights as I was admitted on a Sunday


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I had my gall bladder removed last year and the mri that I had showed up nothing, no stones or anything. I'm on gabapenting for the pain now so hopefully that will sort my pain out until my consultant finds out what's wrong with me.


When they did my scan they could see the stones. When they operated the surgeon who did the procedure He had lost them. He was still under training and the Specialist was very peeved that they had disappeared somewhere in my gut. I was looking forward to getting them polished and getting a pair of cufflinks out of them LOL

Good Luck



I asked for mine Bob to make earrings! Nope - nothing could leave the premises after surgery so I never got them.

But the pain pre op was the worst.



I thought it was stones as mine were not there when they took my gall bladder but the mri showed up no stones so I'm back to square one again.


Hello Pat

Sometimes wonder if they sell them under the counter in the coffee shops Lol



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