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Pain in right arm?


Hello all, I'm new to this forum :)

I've had a constant pain in my right arm for approx 3 weeks now (calms down slightly with rest). It starts from above the elbow up to where my shoulder begins, pretty much all the way around the arm.

It is made worse when driving, it doesn't help that I am right handed but im guessing this has contributed to the pain / condition.

The pain is most felt along and on the top side of my arm when I elevate and extend it at shoulder length. Has anybody else experienced this or have some odea what this may be?

Thank you :)

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I had this mine was a frozen shoulder not nice and very uncomfortable

Aimz87 in reply to onamission

Thanks for your reply! Hmm will have to look into that. Do you know what caused it / what you did to recover? X

onamission in reply to Aimz87

Not sure what caused it I was pretty active then but some GPs with do injections the injections didn't do me any good but they are worth a try

Have you been to a doctor? We can't really diagnose on here

Could be a number of things. It is impossible to guess without a physical examination. Need to see a doctor. Chiropractor will help if a vertebrae is misaligned.

Thanks guys - My doctors appointment isn't until next week but seeing as I have struggled to find similar symptoms to anything specific thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone else had experienced this. I'm also half expecting the 'Take some pain killers and see how you feel in a couple of weeks' talk so again thought it was wise to reach out.

Could be pinched nerve which is very painful. My husband had major pain in arm and shoulder last year which nearly drove him nuts. No pain meds worked and it went on its own after about six weeks. Get some antinflammatory tabs from chemist while your waiting to seeyour docter. Hope you get help soon.

Aimz87 in reply to lowlife

Really appreciate your response and advice, thank you :)

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