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Pain in my ribs. (Right side mostly)

So it hasn't been for a long time, but last week my upper abdomen started hurting. I then realized that it was my ribs. I touched my ribs and they hurt a lot to touch, they felt tender and sore. I searched up some stuff but decided to think nothing of it. the pain went away and then came back again, then a sharp pain hit. Then it went away for a few days. Until yesterday, yesterday it started hurting, to the point where I had to sit in a certain position. I couldn't twist my body alittle or even stretch. I can't Lie down on my stomach without feeling it throbbing. It hurts to touch the right side of my ribs. The pain is slowly going to the center to the left side of my ribs. Doesn't hurt much on those sides. But hurts really bad on my right side. It's not really specific but I'm a 16 year old girl asking for a little advice or help to find out some different things.

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You need to be seen by your GP. Make an appointment to see them x


What's a GP?


General practitioner

It's a name for a doctor in the UK


I looked at the other 3 replies. They indicate that you are not in the UK. You need to see a medical doctor to determine that you have not got something serious.

Having seen the doctor who has given you a diagnosis and medical advice there is another thing that you can discuss with your parents.

The hurting ribs could be due to muscle spasm. A McTimony Chiropractor can check for this and remove the problem by untightening the muscles.

Hope this helps


Okay thank you. My ribs don't hurt, but I have a strange feeling that they will start to hurt. The last few days, I wasn't able to play basketball without getting out of breath & my ribs hurting.


thanks for the reply. My comment which said: "remove the problem by tightening the muscles" should have been: remove the problem by untightening the muscles"


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