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Pain in my ribs and chest

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Hi so I keep getting this really sharp pain in the middle of my ribs and chest, and it's so painful I've had this pain for a couple of weeks now, but I didn't think it was anything so I just left it. But now the pain is getting worst and it's so painful to move and breathe.

Could anyone help at all?

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Hi,See your GP,and if it feels to bad to cope with, phone 111 they give really good advise. Don't leave it.

Okay thanks

Thats a doctor thing, not a self help thing. Hope you have got an appointment by now.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. It does sound serious and I agree with all the notes. It is a doctor thing. Best wishes

You really need to see your GP regarding this problem, there are many things that this can be.

If you are suffering pain to get through until you see your GP I suppose you possibly could take some over the counter Paracetamol or NSID, that may make you more comfortable To put your mind at rest the chemist should be able to suggest some medications to take as well until you see your GP.

Have you had a cold or flu ??


See the GP as soon as possible. It could be something serious or something minor.

The serious is heart problem or a pleural lining problem.

A less serious is a muscle or muscles along the ribs have gone into spasm and you need the help of someone to un-spasm them. McTimony chiropractors can help with this.

Hope this helps

I think you should check your gp as soon as possible because I was also suffering from the similar kind of pain and then I consult my orthopedic surgeon.


If you have not seen the GP yet or taken another pathway it may be an idea to take a reduced dose aspirin,or one aspirin a day until you see your GP


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