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Groin and leg pain and mini stroke


Eight years ago I had a left orchiectomy, which seemed to go well, and the following year I had a bilateral inguinal hernia repair. The surgeon caught one of my nerves (I think it was the femoral nerve) but I’m not sure, and he told me that it would eventually release it’s self. Sadly that has never happened and to add to the problem I had a fall while out walking in the countryside one day and eventually I found out I had prolapsed discs.

I’m now in a terrible state with pain especially in my left hip, groin and leg. I’ve had some injections in my back which sometimes help, but a couple of months ago I had a mini stroke and I’m finding that the medication will not work for me and I feel sick all day long and I’m beginning to get down and depressed. There seems to be no solution to my problems. I still feel as if I should have many years to go but life is ebbing away and I don’t know what to do?

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So sorry to hear your struggling. I can understand why your feeling so down as you have a lot going on right now. Don't give up and keep fighting for help to sort out that trapped nerve and as for feeling sick your doctor can give you anti sickness tablets. Go back and tell them your not coping with the pain and that you would like to be referred to someone that can help you to get your life under control. Unfortunately if we want help now a days we need to keep on until we get it or we just get brushed under the carpet. Don't give up. X

Hi, So sorry for you but I am in a very similar situation and ther are days where I think is it worth it but luckily I have a loving family around me to keep me going. I have prolapsed discs lower and upper and have had the lower ones operated on that have eased a lot of the pain, I still have this injected that helps and keeps the pain at bay. On my top discs I have epidual steroid injections and 3 days after my last set in March I had a stroke which I am quite sure were partly to blame although they say they could never say what was the real cause. I am too scared to have injections here now and the consultant doesnt want to do them either so these may end up needing surgery.

The only advice I would give is it can get better as I am getting along now as opposed to being virtually unable to sit or lie down and patience is a virtue although I would always keep on at the consultants or hospital or you do seem to get pushed to one side, since my stroke they have been all over me like a rash doing various tests and trying to get things right (8 appointments this month). Take their advice on excercise, pilates etc as I am always in more pain the days I have just sat in the office or car as opposed to the days where I have gone for a walk.

Hope this helps and don't give up

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Hi nedsram

Just wanted to say sadly I haven’t got any family who live anywhere close to me, so it is quite a lonely time. I try to go out for a walk every day and normally manage about a mile or so, but that is quite hard as I do feel very weak sometimes.

We all need a magic wand sometimes, but where can we get it??

Hi benaigen

Sorry to read of all your problems. I too have femoral nerve damage and it's very painful!. Adding prolapsed discs too no wonder your finding it tough!. Presumably you had injections via the Pain Clinic?. You can have others like I do which might give longer relief. Radiofrequency or epidural injections. Are you still being treated by them because they can also look at your drugs to hopefully give better relief. You certainly need to tell them or your GP your struggling and need help. I hope you get help soon.

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Hi Everyone

Thanks for your replies,

I’ve had this problem for 8 years and found my local pain Centre not very good so I went private. About 4 years ago I was recommended a Dr in Harley Street and he has been very good but it never seems to last much more than 6 months to a year As he injects one area or the other so I’m left with my hip and my leg feeling O. K. and then the next time they inject somewhere else and the groin and the scrotum seem to feel better. The mini stroke I had earlier this year has not helped as the medication is killing my body and they don’t seem to be getting it right. I also think My body is not very good at taking tablets. I’m loosing too much weight as well, as I struggle eating any kind of food. My GP is really trying his best but it is really hard to see where this is going to land up. It sounds as if some of you have got things under control......... I wish I had!

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