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Feeling Hopeless

Dear readers, I have been in pain now since 2007 and cannot get any relief. I did a partial Hysterectomy in 2007 my uterus is out but my ovaries and tubes were left in. Since then I started feeling pain I have not been able to return to my normal life and I have not been ale to have a relationship, Sexual intercourse ends me in the ER and so I gave up on that department.

I have done ultra sounds, blood tests, colonoscopy, cat scans, but still nothing. In 2014 I did a Ovarian cystectomy and the doctor said there was a lot of adhesions and she lysis some of them but the pains are still there. She even said there was no fallopian tubes, I don't know what is happening pain killers don't work for me don't matter how strong they are, I am so frustrated because I really feel hopeless went to see another OB/GYN and she said the only thing they can do is a Laparoscopy to look inside but she was going to discuss this with other surgeons to see if it is a GYNAE problem.

Please don't know if anyone is experiencing these issues but I would really love a response.

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Sorry your in so much pain. I think a Lap would be a good idea to start with. Have you been put on the list for the pain clinic?


no, but I a going to see my ob/gyn next Tuesday.


Hello Marvelous, Jules here.

I dont experience your type of pain, but I do have constant pain in my back - have had for a long time - so I am really sorry for you.

Before my accident I used to work with animals (along with other things) and when they used to arrive injured and in pain my heart tore in two, especially the ones I couldn't save.

My pain is not as that and not as bad as yours by the sounds of it, but I take comfort from the fact I can communicate to people about it.

Its not fair to experience pain like you are - there will be a lot of others on this site in the same boat.

I really hope they can give you the advice you need.

Kindest regards



Hi I have gynae pain mostly in my pelvis but also causes big issues for sex as positions are sore and inside it hurts like crazy. Luckily my partner is trying to be understanding but it is hard. I have no answers to why I am in pain which makes it hard to deal with. Had a lap but they didn't see anything I would def recommend it over in a day and might give you some answers.

You said at the start you had partial hysterectomy was this for medical reasons? Has anyone spoken to you about neuro pain? I only ask as my gp was telling me that sometimes in the tummy, pelvis, vagina, bowel when u have something wrong for example I had a cyst then sometimes for no reason the body still tells the brain it's in pain and can be an issue.

Happy to chat I know how lonely it can get. Chin up and hoping everything goes well on Tuesday xxx


I had uterine fibroids that is why i did the Hysterectomy in 2007 they were quite big and distorted my uterus. and then i had ovarian cystectomy. I believe that it could be either adhesions or nerve pains or both because i cant life anything heavy and the funny thing i dont dont feel the pain at the same time, it took a couple of hours but during which i get bloated and gasey and then the pains sets in.

I am definately going to recommend another Lap and ask to be out on the pain management clinic.


lookup and join Dr. Mitch Tepper's Sexual Health Network on Google +. You aren't alone. There is a solution for you discomfort. Education. Learn how to be intimate differently. After i was hit by a bus my partner and experimented and found ways that would work with our limitations. She has MS. Education: Masters and Johnson Human Sexual Response. get you life back


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