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Diagnosed 3 years ago after having my son

Had xrays then put on dihydracodine, Paracetamol as well as the thyroxine I take ( had thyroid cancer in.2004.and.2008) also had spine operation.on 2007. I the saw a rheumatologist who. Diagnose the fibro.

I was then told a few months ago I also have osteoarthritis but am to young to treat according to.gp

My moods are terrible, don't know why my partner puts up with it. I also don't feel like I am being a proper mum to my son.

I barely sleep or eat and spend most of the night crying.

Saw Doc at the pain clinic today who said nothing else they can do except lidocaine infusions but that has to wait until I see consultant next week to see if the cancer is back

I can't live in this pain for.the rest of my life.

Any suggestion please . Xx

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You are almost certainly nutritionally deficient, and under-treated or wrongly treated for your thyroid. (It's extremely common.) It is far better to find the source of pain and fix it than try to deal with the pain and ignore the cause.

Fibromyalgia is a common diagnosis in people who have thyroid problems, so you'll find plenty of people on Thyroid UK who can understand your situation, and more importantly, provide some concrete help.

I hope I'm not annoying anyone on Pain Concern by saying the above. I'm a member of this group too, for pain caused by something non-thyroid related. But people with thyroid issues are often treated abysmally, and just left to rot. But there are lots of ways of improving quality of life that doesn't involve pain medication.


I understand what you mean and thank you but the cancer was is 2004 and 2008 and my thyroid was removed, no problems for 4 years. Also my blood gets checked frequently to make sure meds are ok. X


You must be taking replacement thyroid hormones having had your thyroid removed, so it isn't ancient history just because you no longer have a thyroid. Modern treatment for replacing low or missing thyroid hormones leaves enormous numbers of people feeling ill, and there are ways and means of improving the way people feel, in many cases. If you don't believe me, I do hope you read some of the posts on the Thyroid UK forum anyway.

But good luck, whatever you do. :)


Thanks. I have asked my thyroid specialist about a connection and he doesn't think it's the problem. He checks my meds regularly and he is a highly qualified and respected professor.


I'm sorry to say this, but lots of highly qualified and respected professors and doctors are quite happy to leave many of their thyroid patients feeling ill. That's why thyroid forums exist and are so popular.

Just join the forum I suggested, read some of the posts, see if anything rings any bells with you. You don't have to post if you don't want to. Bear in mind that the members are people who did not do well on the standard treatment for whatever was wrong with their thyroid. There are a mixture of people who are overactive, underactive, untreated, treated poorly, some had cancer and had the whole thyroid removed, others have had 1/2 a thyroid removed, some people have small thyroids, some have goiters. There is a big variety. And none of them feel as well as they think they ought to.

But I can't twist your arm. It's entirely up to you.


I never said I had my thyroid removed????


bootsie5, I was responding to Gayleygirl, so my replies are not relevant to you.


I echo what Humanbean says. I was amazed, when I looked at the ThyroidUK forum, to find out how many people are undertreated (or not treated at all) for hypothyroidism. Please do take a look at either the forum or their website - it's been an eye-opener for me. Your symptoms sound to me like classic hypothyroidism (though I'm not a doctor - just a patient who's read a lot!). I'm in the same boat as you (except I haven't had my thyroid removed)



I'm not in the same position but my second hip replacement didn't exactly go properly.

I was doing an NHS exercise and a bone fractured. This was 2 years ago and I'm on crutches permanently. Its the pain I have with that that bothers me more than the crutches.

Once I was given dihydrocodeine and{spelling} I was completely loopy....or more loopy than normal LOL Are you sure its not any of your meds that causing your moods?

I have OA, kypho scoliosis, spinal stenosis, epilepsy which is well controlled. Osteoporosis etc etc LOL The last visit to my GP he asked how I was and I said OK. What are your moods like? I had never mentioned anything like that to him...only pain.

So I told him I was moody, weepy, lethargic, snappy {don't know how my husband puts up with me either} don't want to go to places I used to enjoy going to things like that. He didn't suggest meds. He asked questions and from the answers said it seems you are moderately depressed. I'm going to put you in touch with someone. This person is called David {got a letter from him} and he is going to ring me on the 21st Jan. It will take about 45mins. From that he will be able to decide what is best. ....counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or something else.

This will happen on the 21is so if you are interested post and remind me to tell you the results. Anything is better that more tablets!!!

I don't sleep much at all.......if my husband just says boo I can burst into tears.

What meds are you on for the fibro and the OA

There is a lot of self management out there that helps {doesn't take the pain away but might ease it}



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I have suffered from depression on and off for 15 years and it never caused pain before. I take dihydracodine for fybro but feel like I have bee on it too long so asked if u could come off and try something different but they said no. Will see how I go on wed with thyroid surgeon, fingers crossed it's not back, then I will focus on other issues. Thanks.

Ps I see a psychologist every t2 weeks and it does help to talk and she can help with dealing with my anxiety.

Good luck. Xx



That's good that you have someone to talk to to that helps you deal with your anxiety.

Its surprising how some tablets affect one person and another one can take them with no side affects at all lol

How long have you been diagnosed with fibro and where is the OA.

That's bound to be causing you pain {the OA} don't know so much about the fibro

Hope you get things sorted




B got diagnosed 3 years ago. And osteo is in my knees. Not fun. X


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