Need to have a rant

Just been to the doctors to ask if they would refer me to a foot doctor. I know I have osteoarthritis (hands, back, knees and feet) so I should know how the pain feels. My left foot has another pain in the top which makes it really really painful to walk (can't even get around a supermarket sometimes as it is just too painful and I often lose my balance, it also makes my knee and back on that side more painful as I am not walking properly. I think I was in there a about 5 minutes. She looked down at my foot and said it's just affecting the tendons, you are on a very high dose of Gabapentin 300 twice daily? (I didn't think that was that high) it certainly isn't helping with the pain. Told there is nothing more they can do for me and to put a second soft insole in my shoe, goodness knows how I'm supposed to get my foot in as well. I really feel as though they consider me just a nuisance. I just don't know what to do now the pain is very bad but she just did not seem interested, I am getting to the stage when I wish I wasn't here anymore it is only knowing my husband and son would be devastated that makes me put up with this, she didn't even look at my knee. When I was in a different county 3 years ago the specialist at the hospital there said my knee was quite bad and to get back to them if it got any worse and I would have to have a replacement. Has anyone else had this type of problem and feel that they are not worthy of any help? Sorry for the ranting but I feel utterly frustrated and worthless

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  • Hi Vondel,

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems, could you not see a different doctor and maybe get referred back to that same hospital that you had seen before in the other county?

    600mg of gabapentin ain't that much it is quite low in fact, I was on 900mg of gabapentin and was told that if it wasn't helping then the dr would put it up even more, the most you can have is 3600mg which is a really high dose the highest you can be put on,

    I know where you are coming from when you say about feeling not worthy of any help, but that stems from people in authority not listening to me, I fell 20ft out of a tree (I wasn't drunk, I was just a stupid 19year old who loves climbing trees) anyway I fell 20ft straight on to my head, I was unconscious for 5-6 hours, was taken to hospital and was discharged the day after and it has took me nearly 4 years to get the diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury, in that 4 years I have ended up in hospital 3 more times and a walk in centre once, and every time just basically told I was fine after a while I started to believe them but then I found the headway forum on this website and people told me that I shouldn't be fobbed off, I kept going back to the dr's and finally in feb this year got the diagnosis of a brain injury from a neurologist after my last brain injury in dec 2014, another time was when I was 19 a few weeks after my fall out of the tree I broke my foot, I went to the hospital and got x-rayed got told it was fine, 2 wks later got a letter saying they had seen something on my x-ray so me being still concussed at the time thought it was something from my head/spine x-rays until I got there and got told it was my foot, I got told it was broke and got sent home with nothing not even any painkillers, a 15 year old lad (at the time he's 16 now) who is in the school of one of my little sisters went and purposefully kicked his trampoline, went to the hospital (the same one I went to with my broken foot) and he got cast, crutches a million dozen x-rays, 2 mri scans and after everything was told that it was only a bone bruise, (my little sister told me all this, because he was bragging in school how he got the cast n crutches from a small little bruise on his foot) and I felt like I should never go to the hospital again with any injury afterwards unless it was to do with my head because I have been told I can't take a chance with any bang to my head, no matter how small because they would just send me home even if one of my bones was sticking through my skin (or that's how I feel about that hospital to be honest).

    I really hope you manage to get some better answers from a better doctor and hopefully better treatment in the near future,

    Sorry for the length of the message,

    Siobhan x

  • Thank you for your reply it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has problems with doctors, perhaps I look too like I'm easy to fob off. My husband is really angry. I also found out on the internet that the tablets (Naproxin) she has given me are not compatible with the Ramipril I take for blood pressure and that I should be monitored closely if taking both and especially if elderly but have had no instructions from her about coming back. Again thank you for your response I think I am going to complain probably won't get anywhere but it'll make me feel better

  • Your very welcome, to be honest if it wasn't for your post I'd feel the same way you do about the fact that I'm not the only one who gets fobbed off, I feel that to get any proper treatment you need to be a child, or under 18 because some people say under 16 for a child and others under 18, I say under 18 for a child because when your 18 you can vote, I was kept in over night and was sent home, a lad who was 13 at the time after he woke up after being hit by a car was kept in for about 2 months because they was making sure he was fine where as I was told I nearly died but got chucked out the day after without the required tests that the dr told me I was going to have before being discharged but another dr said I don't need them and I was fine and I could go home even though I was sat falling asleep right in front of the dr, grrrr some dr's make me want to have a major rant but I try not to rant to much because some times I get a decent dr/nurse who actually listens to me (few and far between though) and most don't and makes you and me feel like we are being singled out from all the rest,

    I've never thought about complaining to anyone to be honest, I think I just don't like confrontations, maybe if I had of complained then I would have got proper treatment back when I was 19 instead of having to have an emergency CT scan a wk and a half after I had my fall because I have tinnitus and couldn't stay awake so the dr's at a different hospital sent me straight for an emergency CT scan for once I wasn't fobbed off,

    I really hope you manage to get some help and treatment and a dr who will actually listen to and take on board all your worries and concerns and take a proper look at your foot,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Thank you

  • Be very careful with Naproxen, I can no longer take any anti inflammatories as it has caused damage to lining of my stomach, have you been given something to protect your stomach such as omeprazole or lanzaprazole, I did take omeprazole but still got the problems. Everyone reacts to medication differently and you may be able to take them no problem as I know that some of the others on here do, if you start to get an upset stomach though go straight back to your GP, as for the conflict with your other tablets you can ask to speak to the pharmacist at your local chemist and they will be happy to tell you if you are likely to have a problem.

    Keep strong and take care. Sheryl

  • Why don't u change doctors or see if u can see another doctor in the practice u should not have to put up with that..go on line see what doctors in Your area then see what people say about them ..good luck

  • My husband wants me to see a foot doctor privately although we not in a good position money wise I am thinking it might be a good idea, thank you for your response

  • I have ŕecently been to the Doctor following a trip to the opthalmology specialist, the opthalmologist said he would write to my gp to be refered to see I suffer, neuropathic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, ankilosis spondylitis & synisitis to which I take Gabapentin 300mg 4 times daily, tramadol 500mg 2 4times daily and zapain 300mg 2 4 times daily....but he said the blurriness in the left eye was duevto the synisitis so needed them gp said it didn't need doing and dont see a specialist again...makes you feel good when you cant ask for treatment needed...was not my own fault forcseeing the specialist was my works that sent me. Guess the blurring will have to stay.

  • Hi, I am getting quite shocked by some of the things that are happening to people it would seem you find out a lot on a site like this. I was beginning to get quite paranoid but am now finding that it's far from being just a few people struggling through life & not getting the help they need. The doctor I saw told me I was on a quite high dose of Gabapentin 300mg twice daily I didn't think it was and now seeing what you have to take I know this is not so, I bet these uncaring doctors (not all) hate the info we can get on-line

  • Even if you see specialist privately (if you in UK) you will still need referral from GP. Having said that when I have done this only paid for 1st visit then because not using insurance was seen via NHS.

    Having said all that agree with others that you should see either different GP or change practice first.

  • Thank you for advice

  • Hello Vondel, go ahead and rant, your topic hit a nerve with me. I have arthritis, been in my hands and feet for 25 years at least. Last year following attending the pulmonary gym I got a different pain in my foot around the ankle. Paid for private Acupuncture, then was referred to physio who referred me to a foot specialist after two visit was given exercises, foot liners (just one pair) and told nothing else could be done. Now not only do I have to purchase hand splints frequently, but also special shoe liners. This is what people mean about keeping well. Only very ill seem to get services these days not those with chronic long term illness, guess it is because we are a financial burden on the state. Now you have got me moaning too but that is how it gets you isn't it?, and some days we all feel like giving up unless we can have a rant. Enjoy today if possible. Constant pain is like a dripping tap drives you mad after time.

  • Hi, I guess you are right the NHS is at breaking point. I am shocked though that you have to purchase your hand splints although I did know about the shoe liners as had to purchase these myself arthritis just doesn't sound much but depending where it is and how bad it is it can be really debilitating and as there is no cure at present people are just pushed aside. I guess I am lucky that I have a very caring husband, like your quote at the end about the tap,Take care

  • Getting a private consultation will cost you about £150. With luck, you won't need another. Your GP still needs to refer you but I'd be amazed if she refused. They probably get paid for doing it. I've never heard of a refusal. You are entitled to that opinion. People with chronic pain do tend to back down. Maybe we are too nice, wimps, tired out, whatever. A good idea is to go in there as someone else, someone whose strong character you admire. Or take someone with you, that usually does the trick!

  • Hi, you are probably right as we have to accept the pain regardless we than start to accept everything else that is thrown at us. I am thinking of writing to this pacific doctor and telling her how she has made me feel (once I am completely calm & rational)

  • Hi, sorry for your pain and situation but you have been fobbed off.... Also because you're now angry (rightly so) it kind of gets in the way because you don't want to go back. I think we all feel like we are being a nuisance but you need treatment for your foot. An X-ray at least to make sure it's not broken. I developed a foot problem out of the blue a few years ago - pain, swelling, couldn't walk. Fobbed off until I kept going back. We know when there is a problem - you said as much coz u know it feels different. Anyway, my toe had broken itself and a chip of bone was stuck in the joint. It needed surgery and hey presto it actually worked and it fixed my toe and pain in the foot. Go back with hubby and nicely but firmly insist on an X-ray. I did this a few months back when my other foot started and I though good grief how can toes just break but it wasn't broken on X-ray. I discovered something called Morton neuroma. Still bloomin painful but I got referred to a foot clinic where they prescribed an orthotic and my foot is much less painful. Plus, if the GABA is not working then don't take it. It doesn't work for everyone and when I took it my memory and word recall became affected in a bad way. Not sure it really recovered. Not to frighten you as we are all different but I'm sure you know whether it works on your pain or not. Best wishes

  • Thank you, I certainly will not be going back to her but when I've calmed down and thinking clearly I will use another doctor at this surgery. At the start the Gabapentin did partly work the pain in my back eased but the foot never has just got progressively worst. I too have problems with word recall and when I check anything I've typed I find a lot of the words are completely back the front thought I was going mad! Thank you for your wishes it's nice to know somebody will listen

  • Hello Vondel it sounds very similar to what I have. I have just had a left mid foot fusion done due to osteoarthritis. I suffered for 3 years and had endless foot soles (no good), cortisone injections (offers only temporary relief). I had my op on May 7 and still non weight bearing. I go to the hospital again on the 15. Then I think another 6 weeks, it is about 12 weeks total no weight bearing. So I do not even know if it has been successful yet. I had got to the point where I could not take the pain anymore and was willing to try anything. Hope you find a solution. Have you had an x ray done? This is a must to see what is going on. It took me a long time and suffering hope you don't and good luck!

  • Hi marmaris, according to the doctors it's osteoarthritis and is affecting the tendons so causing nerve pain also. When I was in Gillingham I had a couple of cortisone injections which did relieve it for a while but since moving the doctors only give pain killers and I can only have certain one's because of blood pressure. I wish you good luck and a good outcome from your foot fusion. I have now been having trouble for 5 years but the pain has now got to the point where I have had enough so I will have to go on trying to get some results

  • Yes I had got to that point, and walking everyday was so painful. You can ask about the foot fusion like I have done, I was prepared to try anything as constant pain wears you down. Especially as I also have cervical spondylosis and Fibromyalgis. Good luck!x

  • Hi Vondel, it seems to be a postcode lottery on what treatment you get, I live in North Wales!! As you can see by the news we are in a bit of trouble with our health authority, I was having an epidural injection in my spine but my pain consultant has just retired, when I tried to book to have my injection for May I have been told all injections have been put on hold until further notice, I was offered an assessment apt for 26th August and my GP wrote to them and it has been brought forward to 26th July, God knows when and if I will get my injection after today's revelations, meanwhile I am in agony with back, legs and knees until such time I get it, I have been advised on here not to sit back and take what they offer but to fight for what you need.

    Good luck and hope you get sorted soon, take care. Sheryl

  • Hi Sheryl, It looks like we will have to fight tooth and nail to get any sort of treatment, it must be even harder where you live I think here it's a case of so many people moving into Maidstone area now that they have so many to treat. I am usually quite quiet and sit back but it would seem you get nowhere like this. I hope you get your injection very soon so you can have some quality of life


  • Thank you yvonne

  • Hello Vondel

    I read Doctors research and not drug companies research which changes every day

    Please read Update Magnesium and look at the reseach. I avoid dairy products and Calciun suppliments and I take Citrate Magneium daily

    Warm regards

  • Hi, I will have a look into this as you suggest thank you

  • Firstly try and see another GP if that fails to get you anywhere and use the naproxen for your foot issue an how you were reading how it interferes with your BP meds and is it safe to take , then approach the subject of your foot etc asking if there's anything else you can do can he/she suggest for you (hopefully this will encourage the GP to be prompted with an appropriate referral ) and if you still don't get anywhere go to practise manager and complain rem to have names dates times all written down if it comes to that which I hope it doesn't , good luck 😁

  • Thank you, sianr

    I remember to write down dates etc; as I usually get them in a muddle!

  • I do not wish to make things worse but various people say see a different doctor I

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