Apologises and PIP Claims

Hi all,

First of all please accept my apologises for not being active on here for so long. I have been struggling with depression as you may know and this is worsening to the point that my suicidal thoughts have returned. I just want to stress that I do not want to die, although CRPS is a horrid thing to have and has ruined every aspect of my life before it. I am seeing my doctor again next week who will undoubtedly increase my antidepressants.

On another note I have recently applied for PIP and was wondering if anyone else has had any luck with their claim? I visited Citizens Advice who very kindly helped me fill out the forms as I also have bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that has affected the grip in my hands so writing is pretty much avoided!

Thirdly, as mentioned in my previous post I will be embarking on the residential programme at St Thomas' in London next month and was wondering if anyone would like here the progress?

Sorry for the lengthy post but I wanted to explain my absense.

Many thanks,

Natalie xxx

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  • Sorry to hear you are feeling depressed.

    i am a member of the work and benefits site where a number of people are reporting successes with PIP now although there is still a long waiting time - up to 6mths at least!!

    the residential programme sounds interesting; what is it for? xx

  • Hi solowheelie,

    The residential programme is for CRPS. It aims to help you manage the pain better.

    I was already aware of the long waiting times, just haven't heard of many people having success; probably because it took me so long to go for it that I don't know anyone else who has!

  • Hi there moorebluesky. I am sorry that you are feeling depressed. I know those feelings of life not being worth living only too well . Your residential programme at St Thomas' sounds very interesting and I trust will lift your spirits. I would be very glad to hear of your progress there, so don't forget to post, will you?! Hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes.

  • I am hoping it will! It should at least offer the opportunity to meet people in the same boat face to face. Which is both terrifying and exciting!

    Thank you for your comment, Babyblue88, it sounds awful but pain is something everyone always feels like they are on their own with so it is some comfort to realise that there are people who understand how you feel!

  • Hi Natalie, I'm sorry you've been feeling so low but its good you are still sharing here with others who live with pain... We all need one another! It would be great to hear about your residential pain mmgt course and I wish you all the best. I had a low spell this year and just coming round now with a course of different antidepressants. Thinking of you. X

  • Good luck with your claim, great that CAB helped you. Generally they write it in a way that the DM (Decision Makers) are swayed to providing PIP.

    I am in receipt of PIP and have a mix of disabilities, one being mental health.

    We all get down now and again, I've had this for the last few weeks.

    Good luck with the residential programme. x

  • Hiya. only just met you, but full sympathy for enduring the 'black dog' as churchill called it. i go 'there' too frequently with pain.

    Just a tiny thought - I have carpel tunnel (plus arthritis wrists) and found that using rsi cuffs has been really useful.

  • Hello Natalie,I am new to pain concer,but sadly not to chronic pain,25 years of having chronic pain syndrome due to elhors danlos type III,ligaments have stretched so much in my knees and spine walking,standing so horrendous,but brain has gone crazy with oversensitization now,so yeh am truly know how you are feeling,I won't go into details but because of personal curcumstances I was asked if I would like to do the Input programme very quickly,I only waited two months,I did the course last December,the team running the programme are brilliant,so understanding,I was so anxious that I wouldn't be able to get through such long days,it was tough,but for me it was actually easier than being at home,I tend to live in guilt with this silent killer of chronic pain,you can't see it,I'm often stuck on my hamster wheel and can't get off,so it was good to stop for a while and become aware of our habits,great to have a room away from normal run of life too.I won't say to much as your journey is yours,but take some molding type ear plugs,the rooms are only single glazed and the traffic,plus ambulance sirens going all through the night was a overwhelming at first,I live in London,but still like it quiet,especially when pain is high,I'd love to know how you are doing on the course,take as many breaks as you need,and there's a lot of different chairs,cushions,bean bags,mats to lie on,I can't be in one position too long so you are free to move around in the sessions.Get as much as you can from the team,they are really there for you.

    Warm wishes


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