Why do I feel popping in my head?

I feel these strage popping sensations in my head every once in awhile. I have an anxiety disorder and was recently diagnosed with migraines. When I moved my head I sometimes feel it in my neck as well. But it's not usual for it to happen in my head. It around my forehead/frontal area on the left side. I honestly would like to know what this is. I don't remember feeling anything like this before. Any suggestions?

I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow about my migraines but I. Diffidently going to ask about this.

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  • Of course you should check with your GP first, but I have this too and apparently it's called Exploding Head Syndrome! Some people suffer quite acute or prolonged episodes of it. For me I get the odd popping or "bang" noise with a little rush of adrenaline. It is more common with people who take anticonvulsive medicine, or medicine that interferes with neurotransmission/reception, and it has been found to happen when people are dropping off to sleep or have sleep problems. Its harmless and I don't think they know why it happens. This could be what you have, but you should always get yourself checked out, especially as you already suffer from migraine.

  • I have that as well. It usually happened right before I fall asleep, or in the middle of class(on occasions.) But it didn't feel like the random jolt feeling I usually get. It was like a random small pop. But I seen my doctor and she believes it was my anxiety.

  • Yes it's linked to anxiety. I think in severe cases there is a treatment, something similar to that of tinnitus, but its very rare to be so severe. I had it a lot when my father was dying and I couldn't sleep, and I he only had it once or twice since. Weird!

  • I have had bad anxiety since I was 14, but now it has turned into an anxiety disorder three years later. I'm 18 now though. I think what caused my anxiety was when my great grandma had a stroke and a week later I had my first anxiety attack which led from there. Anywho, I have a splint for my tendinitis so that's taken care of. But I got X-rays done today, hopully things turn out.

  • Forehead pain is caused by increased fluid (edema) in the soft tissues around your forehead, sinuses or brain. It can be associated with some conditions like flu or low blood sugar. You can seek medical advises from your doctor as you visit tomorrow, or you might try some alternative medicines like acupuncture. This has been proven effective to help with all types of pain, including neck and back pain, migraines, muscle problems, headaches and many other types of pain.

  • Thank you. I talked to my doctor and she said she believed it was part of my anxiety. She told be just to keep taking my ibuprophen but to drink less caffeine with it.

  • I have this condition and it's chronic. A neurologist told me that I had excess liquid in my brain. You need to cry out this excess liquid.

  • Might be the start of distonia. This is how mine started. a rare disease. You need to see a neuorolgist.

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