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Why do I get neck pain when I have my head turned to the left for so long?


I know this is a stupid question but I'm honestly curious.

Why is this? I've noticed it really stated to hurt while I was watching Netflix on my iPad. But I had my whole body turned and the right side of my neck just started to ache. It feels like it also makes my right shoulder ache too. It's starting to really bug me and I want to know why this is.

I suffer from chronic migraines and sometimes do get the neck pain as well. But it don't feel like I got a migraine for once either. I also got an anxiety disorder if that has to do with anything. I'm not sure I'm just throwing things out there for y'all.

Please comment and thank you for reading~

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***I forgot to mention that my pain is also in the back of my head***

Not surprised you have an anxiety disorder. Pain and the fear of pain is a layer of stress which can push ones stress limits past the stress breakdown point.

Why you have the neck pain can be for a load of reasons too numerous to list.

There are spinal reflexes in the neck and eyes which effect the whole body. There are reflexes from the eyes which effect tension in the neck.

Muscles which go into tension and do not relax hurt.

This sort of thing is the area of knowledge an Alexander Teacher has. They are worth seeing. an Alexander Teacher can also help reduce your anxiety disorder. Many mental health problems have their roots in body posture and the way a person moves.

Change a person's body posture and the way they move and their internal stress reduces. This reduction in internal stress can mean that their is not enough stress for a mental health problem to manifest.

Hope this helps.

Hello there Sami,

Neck pain or stiffness to the neck is not really something to worry about. it may be that because you were turned on you right side for a prolonged period of time this has caused slight discomfort and pain. this usually happens to me too especially when i am watching movies on my Ipad.

furthermore as you have an anxiety disorder this may be contributing to the pain in our neck however there is no specific cause for neck pain.

here is a link which can help you manage the pain ie simple neck exercises if the pain carries on being problematic to you.


Hope this Helps

I've read recently that getting neck pain from using tablets and mobile phones is becoming a common health complaint. The joy of technology!

Sitting in any position for too long can cause aches and pains. Changing position or pausing whatever it is you are watching so you can get up and move about might help.

Try this experiment. Bend your finger back until it starts to hurt and then hold it there. You should find the pain increases and you may start to feel other sensations like stress in the knuckle or unpleasant stretch up into your wrist. There are many 'intelligent' mechanisms at work here but basically your brain is monitoring all joint and muscles positions and then reports via pain that there is a problem - let go of your finger, the pain stops when the brain can report that optimum position is back. Your neck is being held sub-optimumly and is reporting pain so you can do something about it. It gets more complicated once individual joints get 'rusty' and muscles glue together or fibrose.... This is where remedial massage followed by things like Alexander technique or personally I like Feldenkries. Both aim to restore propriception - conscious awareness of how we move and use ourselves. It's a long journey.... Best wishes

Ah Bloody neck pain, and yes it is a nightmare ,but John Smith above has it in one, if you get it checked out by an Mri, you will find out ,but it really is probably a muscle, but a full check up from your GP must be asked for, and follow the above it's good advice, but I do know how you feel and it's not very nice....all the best.

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