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Statuc feeling in head

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Im 33 yrs old, ive been having numbness in one or both arms, visual problems like my eyes are dry and cloudy. I get a sudden pain in my head than it goes away. I get numbness in my jaw. But what drives me insane is the popping, tingling, crackling like feeling in head, almost like a static feeling in head! Anyone else get this or know what causes it. Ive been in the er and EKG and blood test are normal. But at times i feel as im having a stroke or TIA

6 Replies

Have you talked to your GP regards these conditions, you need a diagnosis

It may be caused by poor circulation or other nerve or joint problems

Talk to your GP, Let us know how you get on.


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Hi. Sorry for your pain.

The cells in those areas are dying the the process of regeneration is very slow.

You can try AlphaMeta which is food for cells and it will help stimulate cells regeneration.

Good luck

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You need to speak to gp in case but I have had similar problems . I fell down the stairs hurting myself my GP sent me to get xay of neck and back I have spondiltis in my neck which causes the headaches nausea and pins and needles in my left arm and I can actually hear my neck crackling as the bones rub together also because of all the pain I tend to bite down instead of swearing lol which causes the jaw pain . My dentist says just swear lol . My eyes have both been affected it's like having hayfever all year round opticians say I have blocked ducts in my eyes and dry eyes can still drive with glasses but need drops . I would speak to gp just in case , all of our problems are so different affecting us in different ways it's a horrible illness . Good luck xxxxxx

Have u thought about an acupuncturist/traditional Chinese medicine. Sometimes a different approach can give ya answers. For me.. its really helped from MAJOR health issues to simple sinus crap. Make sure whoever u see has been doing it a long time and licensed.If ya need any more info let me know. Hope this helps :)

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the crackling feeling in your head is something I have felt too.

I read about how bad aluminum pans r for us ..unfortunately my mother cooked in aluminum pans so I grew up with it ...I learned later that it is one of the symptoms of too much aluminum in your system. I havent cooked with aluminum pans for a long time now and had forgotten about that feeling .your post reminded me ..good healing to you.

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I’m experiencing the same thing and extreme apathy, really abulia.. Have you figured out what the problem is? I would really appreciate an answer if you have one

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