Pain in the bum and leg and back

Ok so where do I start em!!! I am a 43 y.o usually fit Scotsman with a pain threshold of a cage fighter but the pain I get after about 5 mins being on my feet from the front of my foot bit bypassses my kneejoints and shoots int my right buttock and across my back is feckin so bad that people that know me think I now have tourettes sorry if that offends . I am on nUROFEN please help

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  • Doctor has already diagnosed me with Sciatica along with around 10 other people but nobody has advised me on what to do about it.

  • sounds like its heading more for lumbar stenosis, if the pain gets worse on standing. Go see your doctor again, and if they can't suggest anything to relieve it, then ask to be referred to a spinal surgeon (not necessarily for surgery, but just because they are the best folk to assess that kind of pain). Only difficulty is that the NHS protocol for "low back pain" assumes that most folks low back pain will come right on its own, so you usually have to put up with it for weeks or months before they will do anything. If you do have any suggestion of problems with bladder or bowel though (including having difficulty emptying your bladder), get back to the GP quick smart, or even go to emergency department, as that is considered a "red flag" symptom.

  • You need to get on stronger meds ask your GP for some also try using heat or ice pack this should help with the pain too

  • If your doctor has made a diagnosis then he should be able to prescribe some stronger pain killers and treatment..

    Go back and insist.

    Pat x

  • You might need an MRI scan to find cause but sciatica does often settle with rest and pain meds. Acupuncture or Physio might help.

  • Been there and used some very full volume anglosaxon words across the supermarket when pain shoots :) Seriously though, sounds like you've sciatica and neurofen won't touch it in acute stages. See GP, who will probably prescribed appropriate pain meds and might suggest physio etc. What is important is to find out if there is a major cause. e.g spine problem. It is possible to have sciatica by itself but there is usually something else, and you would rather not have it return in later months / years.

    Don't try to battle through keeping up normal routines, downsize for while and pace physical exertions to gradually increase as condition improves, it can be a tricky little devil waiting to catch one out when least expected. HTH. Good luck.

  • Hi, I think you need an MRI scan to ascertain which nerves are being compressed. It sounds like you'll need an operation to relieve the compression from the squashed nerve. Meanwhile you need a pain ladder. You need paracetamol 4 times a day plus a better anti inflammatory than nurofen, something like naproxen. Then you need a nerve pain killer - gab sprinting or pregabalin. Then an opiate like codein or if necessary morphine. You also need a muscle relaxant when it spasms and you can't find relief so diazepam should help. Go to your GP with this list and also ask to be referred to the pain clinic. Good luck my friend. Been there and still standing. Believe me the above really works but you need the ladder and you mustn't kick the bottom rungs out either and you mustn't stop just because you feel better - it means it's working!!

  • I have been in pain for 5 months I have already had 3 surgery on my back got drop foot on my right leg now left is killing me dont no what to do doctors seem not to touch me my GP assent got clue

  • The nerve pain killers are called Gabapentin and Pregabalin

    Autocorrect had a field day with Gabapentin - sorry. These are excellent drugs for sciatica and work like magic - go get some!

  • I have booked a scan for Tuesday 22nd and my Doctor has prescribed me AMTRYPLINE will give it all a try and keep you all informed okies .

  • Amytriptiline takes 3 weeks to start working.

  • Have been on 150 mg and I still got pain

  • Scan to detect nerve impingement, sports physio to reduce muscle tension, compensation and locate trigger points. Aromatherapy to relax you. Meditation to calm your mind.

    The best thing anyone can do is to take control of their pain themselves. Pain needs multi points of action. One thing does not work in isolation. Pain killers have a poor response and mask the pain rather than sort out the origin of the pain. They are a short term solution and should be treated as such and carefully.

  • That quick getting a scan booked I've been waiting over a year for one

  • Sweetheart I had the same exact thing, turns out it was from rupture disk's in my back. You will need an MRI to confirm. Hope this helps as there are many things you can do to help relief the pressure of the nerves. If I'm right they will tell you all about what best to do. Hope this is helpful. Best of luck!!!! xxx Mitzi

  • What pain tablet do you take and do they work

  • Do you have the pain before you are on your feet?

    This is an important question. Some people have the habit of locking their knees and hips when standing. I am not sure where your balance is when standing. Is it on your toes or is it down though your ankle joint?

    Sciatica can be caused by a number of things all of which need to be examined. It can be a disc problem. It can be a neck problem which is causing muscular problems further down the back due to the process of spinal reflexes. It can be due to muscles which are too tight in the legs which is pulling on the lower disc. It can be caused by an infection which has left residual inflammation.

    Then then to cap it all it may be due to a combination of the above factors all adding up together.

    For muscle related problems there is: massage therapy, Alexander Technique, McTimony Chiropractic and Yoga. NICE guidelines (you need to obtain this from the internet via Google) says you can have up to 12 chiropractic treatments on the NHS. The other treatments you will need to pay for. However if they enable you to get rid of the pain they will be worth it.

    Hope this helps

  • Ok here is my MRI scan result in non-professional terms = I have a herniated disc pressing on my Sciatic nerve L5 S1 my doctor has upped my Amytrypilline tabs to 25mg but no pain relief , he has put me forward for Physiotherapy does this all make sense to anybody because I still feckin cannot walk more than 100 yards without the pain setting off and me having to stop . Anyway thanks for all the replies its good to know that people actually care xx

  • Hows your back now?

  • What I did: When my pain got very bad I took a PAIN SCALE (google one) to show my DR how much pain I was in. It was only then he gave me pain relief that helped! was much more later that we found the right one!

  • Does pain get any better with what you take now

  • No how you feel am the same pain soon as I walk 5 min pain nocks me that I can't move

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