Leg pain

The past two days i have been constantly on my feet working on decorating our church and having a day long event. Today I have pain in my right leg and foot. Sometimes it feels like a burning sensation from my hip to my toes. Mostly its in my lower leg and acriss top of my foot. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, whag helps? Also

..i have had several d dimer test the last year and they all say that I am not likely to habe blood clots.

Thanks so much,


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  • Could it be plantar fasciitis? I think it is caused by a damaged/overused tendon. Foot inserts help.

  • It could be referred pain from lower back. While decorating you've been bending and stretching and on your feet for long periods of time so take a hot bath and rest up for a few days to see if it gets any better.

  • If it doesn't pass after rest and a few days, and you have pain starting in your feet, what about seeing a podiatrist?

  • I'm the same after gardening it's arthritis my gp says

  • my legs ache like mad and sometimes they feel like they dont want to carry me,i think its muscular i also suffer with dizzy spells so went to my doctors who turned out to be a stand in for my own doc ,suffice to say she was a very young lady who said you have a history of lung cancer so i would put it down to age , put togeather yes i had surgery to remove the top lobe of my right lung ,and on discharge from hospital i was told in no uncertain terms i must keep walking ,as for my age i am76 years of age but up to my surgery i considered myself to be a very fit 70 odd year old, what can i do?????

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