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Summer arrived on March 1st with my shorts going on. Yes it does get a Little chilly in winter months...barely 17c!! Life is good and can't believe we have been here almost 12 months.

The promise I made to myself before leaving Scotland fell in the first weeks. Hang up your garden trowel Pat! chance. We now have several native species of trees I planted including a Tenerife Palm. A protected species which comes complete with certificate of where it is grown and where it is now planted. Hibiscus shrubs, bougainvillea, bananas and many more. Tubs and pots filled with wonderful colours. Yup we are settled!

My long awaited eye op this week. Difficult and stubborn and surgeon was quite brutal in his determination to separate my lens from me. Anyway over now. I have 4 different drops to take...2, 4,6. and 24 hourly.. Check ups come every 2 days until next week.My world is suddenly very white but that could be the inside outside paint in our villa is..white!!

Waited 3 months for hip xray and that was this week too. Results back with GP before I got home! He is concerned as there is serious damage and to sij too. He said he would replace hip but surgeon won't yet. Going to monitor how I manage. I am on Tramadol which I don't like. So he doubled it. I don't want anti inflammatory. So he put me on them too. But he has a lovely kind disposition and we get on so well I trust him.

David meantime has had his MRI and has a follow up at pain clinic at end of this month. He will be getting another epidural at the same time. Yup exactly 6 months since last one.

He still takes Oxycontin and Oxynorm together with patches. I have listened to research about long term use of pain meds and firmly agree they do stop working. He has reached this point but coming off them scares him witless. I need to discuss this with pain cnsultant. Swimming in cold water has been recommended but he has lost his confidence.

Not all gloom. His beloved trains are at last being built downstairs. The old ones were dismantled when we moved and these are a new design. I think that has given him renewed inspiration. Certainly helps his depression and he hums his little head off!!

For those who remember Curlygirl she came out for an extended holiday. Difficult journey but enjoyed her time with us. Highlight had to be the whale and dolphin trip. She donned her snorkel and found an underwater world of such colourful fish too. Anyone else want to come on over? Always welcome.

So my to have a sit in deckchair in the garden. Only because I was told to rest by ophthalmic surgeon you understand!!!

Pat x

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  • Hi Pat, sorry to hear that you eye op was so harsh. I hope that you don't get any side effects from all those drops.

    My new eye drops are causing tachycardia and playing merry heck with the angina.

    Glad to hear that Brian is getting railroaded. I hope that you don't take too many NSaids and have your GI system rupture. It really is not fun.

    Rest well and keep on dropping. I shall be thinking of you even more now, every 12 hrs when the drop hits my eye.

    Love Rib

  • Thanks Rib.

    GP keeping careful eye on amount of meds- very strict here.

    Even managing to get used to doing nothing!!


  • You will have to tell me all about that Pat. I am still looking forward to discovering what having time to do nothing is like. 😐

  • Mostly it involves someone hiding my watering can and being taken out to eat! Latter I can enjoy muchly. Former a little more difficult.

    But weather is good so a definite bonus.


  • Hi Pat, nice to hear all you latest news even if it is not all good news. You seem to have settled in nicely now. Surprising how time flys when you are busy. I will leave you to rest for now doctors orders I see, enjoy the sun it's a bit dull here today but plenty going on in the city center, I'm off to organise a cream tea this afternoon then next week end I am off to Ilfracombe for three days. Busy month this month. Trying to get my home decorated and a new bathroom, but everyone seems to be able to give quotes but nobody available to do the work can't even get a window cleaner these days who can do the job properly, looks like I will have to move like you to somewhere I don't have to decorate and lop tress ect or where there are plenty of service industry workers I can employ & pay. Enjoy your day take care with the eye drops and the rest of your health, speak again soon xx

  • Lovely to hear from you as always. Bit of a long shot but have you spoken with your OT? Always found ours a fountain of all knowledge when it came to getting help with absolutely everything!! They even paid a huge chunk of David's new bathroom and we were house owners.

    Have a lodger now who hlps with David. Just sort of happened..often best way. A real angel/home help/friend. Even brings me tea whille in recovery position!!

    Take care


  • Hi pat it's good to here that everything is going well for u both I wish the same could be said about me, the weather here is wet it was nice and sunny a few weeks a go give david my best wishes I'm happy for the both of u

  • My dearest friend...been a long time. You going to message me for an overdue chat?

    Bigs hug


  • I remember Curlygirl!! Here I am waving 😉 I had a wonderful, wonderful time with Pat and David and yes indeed it's incredible to see how 'at home' they are in their new life. I loved the quiet rhythm of the days in the warmth and although I suffered from the flights and the boat trip it was all absolutely worth it. Pat and I on girlie trips to the beach to paddle and eat ice cream, occasional lunch. All ably assisted by my ' chariot' they very kindly hired for me to get around on.

    I'm missing it all so much. Thanks SO much Pat - I definitely won't be a stranger


  • Awe thank you.

    Hoping you went back a littlebetter than when you arrie. You certainly looked weller!

    Raise my tea to the next time


  • My cup raised too 😎 X

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