I hate to see him go through this he is such a wonderful hubby😞

My husband's hand has been swollen for 2 months 3 weeks the orthopedic said he has cprs nerve damage torn ligament bone density in his thumb and index finger and his hand his still swollen now the imflamation is in his forearm he is on meds but the inflammation is not going away he said it was a classic case and he has to fight it aggressively his fingers are really hard stiff curling up numb and painful and burning his shoulder is hurting him also will this get better I am really feeling bad

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  • Hi in some cases it gets a bit better, I had the same thing in my left hand my fingers had curled up and it spread up my arm the pain specialist told me that my the worse case he had seen I tried everything they had in the end I got my arm above the elbow amputated I still have the crps in my stump but not as bad as the phantom limb pain

    U need to get u GP to refer him to a pain specialist they can put him on the right meds also refer him to a specialist that knows all about crps, I go to one in Liverpool he went mad when he found out about my amputation because they don't believe in that

  • Yogibe, Thank you so much! I'm sorry hear your going through this. My hubby just seen a pain specialist last week ,they had him fitted for a electrical glove,but we have to wait for workers comp to approve it we are also waiting for them to approve the nerve block..

  • Having a love one ill is always hard on other family members support is needed as Yogibe said a pain specialist will help him focuses on the evaluation, treatment, and the prevention of pain the emotional consequences NHS do self help courses like Expert patients programme its a 6 week course for people with long term condition have a look at NHS web sites NHS choices

  • Thank you so much electricladyland. Love the name!!!

  • Thank you

    The names from a Jimi Hendrix album :)

  • Hi and so sorry to hear about your husband.I have been recently diagnosed with the CRPS in left hand ,arm and shoulder plus torn ligaments in shoulder,neural tension and brachial plexus damage and can honestly say the pain is really as bad as he says.So good he has you to understand and help.My husband is being amazing and is probably the best thing to have is someone who understands .

    Doing the physio is very hard ,especially as took a year before diagnosis, but it does help Physically and mentally to focus on doing something positive after a year of no help.

    Wishing him some good reief soon

  • Littleeffle, I'm sorry to hear your going through all that . I will keep everyone in my prayers and thank you so much!!!

  • Hi, great feedback you left! I forgot completely about the time lapse till I was finally diagnosed with CRPS. Even upon getting diagnosed with CRPS it took four doctors to confirm that it was CRPS till the pain management Doctor worked effectively with me. It is a powerful disease.

  • Hi, LSO sorry to hear this. I, too, have CRPS for over ten years now mainly on the right side of my body. I did do some physical therapy upon initial discovery and was told to use my right side (foot, leg, and back) as much as I could each day. I have done this and swelling has subsided in my foot but in all areas the pain continued. A pain management doctor works with me, but even that remedy has had some ill experiences. I wish you and your husband the best.

  • Zellbelle, Sorry that your going through this. My hubby only has it in his right hand his shoulders bothers him also but I don't know if its crps is in his arm but what I wanted to ask will it spread on its own or will it spread only if you have trauma to another part of your body Thank you very much

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