The last 5 years of poking, pulling, Xrays, scans, jags,falls and getting uos. Short visits to hospital, long visits to hospital. Phone calls from pain consultant, letters from surgeon. Physio exercise, pushing pulling and gels. Serious talk from serious surgeon about serious operation. And even more serious aftercare. All this and much much more to enable one part of David's broken, painful and wobbly body to be slightly less broken, slightly less painful and hopefully slightly less wobbly.

Yup. On Friday 3rd October he gets his slightly less wobbly hip replaced.

It will be hard for him. The chronic pain in his spine while it continues to degenerate - shoulders,which won't carry him on crutches which are the standard method of transport. Social works coming in to help m with his care. Making him do as he is told - first time for everything i hope.

It will be a long and slow recovey but like everything we do - we will meet it head on.

He will have the best team ever. Wonderful Dr Sabu James - our pain coonsiltant and surgeon - Mr Agawallah. Oh yes - and me!!

Pat x

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  • Hi Pat,

    Sends good wishes to you both, I hope this op has a really positive effect on David's life and in turn yours.

    Could not think of a better person than you to be on the A team Pat you always amaze me and inspire me. If you need an ear you know where to find me, take care and look forward to an update.

    nutty x

  • Best wishes for the op to you both .glad you are going to get some help pete

  • Sending you and David love and best wishes for a great outcome! My dad had hip replacement at 72 with advanced Parkinson's and it was such a blessed relief for him not to have the hip pain anymore. Take care Pat. Xx

  • Hope it goes well.

  • Hi Pat, good wishes to David for Friday, hope all goes well for him.He sounds like he is in good hands which is always reassuring. He is also licky to have someone as caring as you on his team but I am glad you are getting some help.Keep in touch and let us kmow how he goes on , you were so kind to me when I had my wobble and I am here for you , Good luck to you both ..kim x

  • Wishing you both all the best . Ann xx

  • Good luck!

  • Hopefully all will go well with David's op and his pain will be reduced a bit. Rib

  • Sounds like an awesome team, what with you as Captain at the helm of your ship. Sail on fine man, through the gusty wind. Sail on!

  • best wishes good luck to you both hopefully after op davids pain will be reduced.

  • Thanks everyone for your support, friendship and kind words.

    We'll see just how much 'help' social works can offer. From past experiences - not a lot but always give them the benefit of the doubt.

    David is nearly at full 'worry, panic, what shall I do all day in hospital' mode that I feel a strong dose of 'coping pills' coming on. Me not him!

    Watch his space - I will be bacl.

    Pat x

  • Good luck chucks.

    Re wot to do

    Plug him into an iPod and his favourite music.

    Or threaten a learning to knit lesson.

  • All the best. Will keep my fingers crossed for you on Friday.

  • Hi there

    Good luck to you both

    The thing is he should get a bit better with regards to his hip each day and that is so motivating .its a new surgical pain not old pain . David has it sounds a great team around him please don't be scared either of you to say you need help or an opinion even if it's a red wound it's important . I'm sure you with both be glad when the op is over and all the best love squeak xx

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