Knee replacement gone wrong

Knee replacement gone wrong

On the advice of an orthopedic surgeon I underwent a total knee replacement in January 2014 even though I was only 57 at the time. I had problems right from the the start so after 18 months of continuous pain I went for a second opinion at another hospital as the surgeon who carried out the opp could find nothing wrong.

I underwent x-rays and MRI scans which showed that the joint had not been aligned properly, this was causing my leg to buckle, limping badly and continuous pain and inflammation . In July 2016 against my better judgement but on the advice of the second surgeon I underwent major corrective surgery to have another replacement joint fitted along with "stabilisers" for extra support.

It is now nearly 9 months since the second opp and I am still in constant pain day and night, my knee grinds and crackles so much it can be heard by other people and my mobility is shocking. I wish I had never had it done as I'm in more pain now than I was before the first opp. No amount of painkillers help with the dreadful pain so I am just having to suffer.

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  • So what will be done about it now?

  • I have been told there is nothing wrong so nothing will be done.

  • Don't give up and keep going back until they can explain to you what's going on regarding clicking noise and possible nerve damage. Ask them for another scan or xray as the pain is so bad that you need them to sort it out ASAP. Give them a chance to put it right but if you have no joy then contact PALS. PALS deals with complaints and you can find the number online. Hope they sort it quickly for you. X

  • I contacted PALS when I found out the first opp had not been carried out properly and it was PALS that suggested I ask for a second opinion. I contacted them again 6 months after the second opp, they have been sent reports from my surgeon he says he cannot find anything wrong but also said that the second opps are never as good as the first time round and can be more trouble.......great I wasn't told that.

  • Hello , I am so sorry for what has happened to you. Unfortunately I can offer no help, but just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I too had a knee replacement that went badly wrong. My op was seven years ago and I regret it every day. The surgeon caused soft tissue and nerve damage, consequently I cannot stand the slightest touch to my knee, even the breeze on it, and have to wear a bandage for the rest of my life. The surgeon insisted it was all in my imagination, and only after having to pay for second opinions did I get an you I wish I could turn the clock back. .My other knee badly needs replacing it is so bent, but I am to afraid to have it done........Your problem is different than mine, so I do hope that something can be done in your case........

  • Hi Annie, I do feel for you as I had a similar experience with a total hip replacement. I wanted it done so that I could get on with my life. I am 75 years old. I suffered as you have from day one. Even the nurses said they had never seem such bruising in all their working lives. I was black from my foot, which they sprained whilst clamping it for the op, to my waist. My leg swelled up like a balloon. I was back and forth to the hospital and relying on neighbours to look after me as I am alone. Every time I saw the orthopaedic registrar he told me the x-ray showed it was a perfect operation. No good if my leg doesn't work though! After lots of physio and doing exercises regularly I still 'roll' like a sailor and cannot walk far or for long. I cannot walk without a stick except in my home. It feels as though my leg has not been put together properly. It just gives way and has made my life much worse. I also have several other serious illnesses so life is not good. I know how you feel and I am so sorry for you. What can we do?

  • Me again - I forgot to add that at my last appointment I actually saw the surgeon who did the operation. I got the same story - perfect operation, but eventually he did admit that what had happened here was that sometimes they accidentally cut through the major muscle in the hip area and this will probably never imprrove much now. Not good enough is it.

  • Wow I'm shocked one of my friends had similar problems But it took a long time to get sorted but it's still not right. All this worries me though as I'm only 49 and have been asked to have one or maybe two shoulder replacements as the are terrible from pain, so with all these comments and the main posters problem this has got me thinking wether it's better the devil you know?! Anyone had good experiences ?

  • Hi Frank, try all Alternatives first such as Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Chiropractics etc.. I wish I could turn the clock back 20 years

  • Contact the AVMA for legal advice.

    You are on a ticking clock. You have to move fast. Any legal payment as a result of a surgeons incompetence can help to pay for some the therapies that will help you ease the pain of over contracted muscles.

    Hope this helps

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