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Good news today after a sad weekend

Hi All,

My beautiful cat Sukki wasn't too well on Friday - didn't eat her food and didn't get

out of her bed all day. She came round a little in the evening and had her usual

cuddles with me, but I knew something wasn't right. Saturday morning we took

her to the vet where he discovered she had a swelling inside her tummy. So off

we went to the animal hospital with her for an xray and was told she needed an

operation immediately as she had a large mass inside her.To cut a long story

short by 6pm she was out of surgery and recovering well so our hopes were

high for her return home the following day. 9.45pm we get a call from the vet to

say she had passed away!!!!! My husband and I are both in shock - sukki has

never been ill until that day and the mass was 4"x6" in her little tummy.

She has been by my side all the time of my recovery, from my op to getting

through chemo, purring her little head off and giving me the occasional lick.

She was 14yrs old but still like a kitten. She was a rescue cat from the RSPCA

for my mother in law and when she passed away 10yrs ago we brought Sukki

home with us. Our home is so empty now without her.

Now the good news - had my 1st 12wkly check up today and all is well.I have

been having a lot of stomach problems but my oncologist says it is normal

after the extent of surgery I had - so thats put my mind at rest because after

ten months from my op I thought everything should be back to normal by now.

Hope I haven't gone on too much but needed to tell someone.

Angie x

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Gi Angie,

I am so sorry about your lovely is so sad it will take time to get over her...if you ever do....I am pleased you have some good news as well and send you my best wishes and love x G x


Thanks Gwyn I don't think we will ever get over her as she was such a character,

but I know it will get easier in the days ahead. We had to cope with the loss of

four dogs in our marriage so I know it takes time. Shows we shouldn't take any

thing for granted......we thought she would be with us for at least another five years

until this happened as she was a house cat and safe from the traffic.

Best Wishes xx


Hi Angie

So sorry to hear about Sukki.I know how much it hurts to lose these little beings that have woven their way around your heart.

But what good news from your first check up. It gives you the courage to hope again and LIVExxxx



Hi Sue,

Thanks for your kind words and yes it was good news about my check up

so I have to carry on being positive as from tomorrow.

Love Angie x


Hi Angie

So sorry to hear about Sukki. It must be particularly poignant when she has been such a comfort through your illness.

Great news about the check up!

Monique :)


Hi Monique

Thanks - and yes it was good news about my check up so I have to stay


Love Angie X


Dear Angie,

So sorry about Sukki - it's the saddest thing about our deep love of our cats and dogs that their life is so much shorter than ours, so we have to lose them so often.

Wonderful about your results, though. Continue to get better and better!

Best wishes,



Hi Isadora,

Thank you for your kind words.

Everyone on this site has been such a comfort to me.

Best Wishes

Angie x


Dear Angelina

So sorry to hear about Sukki. I don't have any pets but my neighbour's cat, Sally, comes to visit me most days and I know I would be upset, even though she isn't mine. Glad to hear about your results.

Thinking of you

Love Citrine x


Hi Citrine

Thankyou for your kinds reply. Good luck with your op I have only heard

of this kind of thing relating to the back passage and know someone who

had op in that area and was fine after op - but I dont know if it is the same

kind of op. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

Best Wishes

Angie xx


Hi Angie,

I'm so sorry about Suki. Our pets are such a comfort to us especially during this time. They do not ask questions or tell us to be strong, positive etc. They are just there comforting, a shoulder to cry on.

I recently blogged that I lost my beloved dog Oscar which was a shock as he was only 4.

She sounded a lovely cat, really cuddly. To help me get over Oscar I have started making a photo book of him and I have added lots of lovely memories as well. It is sad doing it but also it brings back happy memories as well.

It is nice that we have this site full of virtual friends to talk to about anything and everything.

Also good news about your tummy I hope that settles soon but it's nice to know it isn't anything to worry about.

Sending you lots of virtual hugs

Jackie xxx


Hi Jackie,

I read the story about your Oscar - which made me cry - anyway it gave me

the courage to write my blog about Sukki.

Thankyou for your kind words it is a comfort to me - aren't we softies when it

comes to our beloved pets, but I think if we didn't feel this way when losing

them - then we couldn't have been kind caring owners.

Best Wishes

Angie xx


Hello Angie,

Couldn't read your post for the tears in my eyes. I can identify with how you feel so much. I don't think there's anything more comforting than a little,warm purry, bundle of love to comfort you. I send you all my sympathy.

On a brighter note - I'm so pleased that all is well after your checkup.

Love, Solange


Thanks Solange

Your kinds words are a great comfort.

Love Angie xx


So sorry about Suki, my cat lies on my bed purring too, she is such a comfort love Diane xxx


Hi Diane

Give your cat a big cuddle from me.

Love Angie xx


Hi Angie

I know exactly how you feel. My beautiful cat Dizzy, was by my side (usually snuggled in!) through all my infertility treatment, stressful job situations and finally cancer diagnosis and op. I think he fulfilled the role of this site, as it did not exist then. I told him all my fears, wishes, hopes etc. I hope it wasn't the worry that killed him! I still miss him, he died of a similar-sounding mass in his tummy, about 5 years ago now.

I have a photo on the side table where I can see it, and often look at it. However, I am so grateful I had him and that he kept me company through all those difficult experiences. You will always miss Sukki, but hopefully, given time, it will be with smiles more than tears. She saw you through a lot and it's great to hear that you're getting over your op now and are hopefully on the road to better health.

Love Wendy xx


Oh your story is so similar to mine I too told sukki all my troubles. She was

the only one who saw my bald head when I first lost my hair - and the look

on her face was truly amazing, i'm sure she though " what have you done".

We haven't been able to have children and I think having pets fills that extra

gap in your life.

Love Angie xx


Hi there Angie ,

So very sorry to read about your little cat so know how you feel as we lost our family cat Tessa last year when we were away on holiday but at least my daughter and a family friend were with her at the time .She was 22 and we had had her from a tiny kitten .She was my daughters really but she couldnt take her when she moved into her own house as she was out all day .

We miss her terribly and when I was ill in 03 she never left my side ..always there ...

Our daughter and son took her to be cremated out in the country side and we have Tessa's ashes under our lilac tree in the garden , she loved to sit under the tree when it was hot ..

As I was so upset that we were abroad at the time our daughter took us out to were she was cremated and it was beautiful ,a small part of a farm with a lake and horses and so very peaceful .

Even now as I am writting this I am full of tears as we miss her so much .

So very pleased to hear all is well with you and that your check up was all ok xx have my first one on Weds .

Love Jan xxx


Hi Jan

I'm also full of tears reading your heartbreaking story....they just break your heart

don't they when they go . Thing is sukki didn't seem to be ill as she was still playfull.

Only the night before she was taken ill she sat on my laptop when I went into the

kitchen. when I came back in the lounge she was playing a tune on the keys with

her paws. We've had her cremated and think it will be Saturday when we collect her


Hope your check up goes as well as mine did.

Love Angie xx


Hi angie

Very sorry to hear about your loss but glad to here your good news. Perhaps in a few months there may be room for another rescue cat and you can give a home to another soul.



Hi Sharon,

When it happened we said no more pets we have lost a few in our years

together, but the house seems so lonely and now we are thinking maybe

in a few months we could go down that road you have suggested.

Love Angie x


I don't have a pet for this reason... I get too attached.. and I have never forgot losing a pet when I was young... so I can't stand the pain...I am very attached to my daughter's cat...and when I go on holidays to places like Greece I get distressed at the animals cats or dogs that haven't got a home and I save my meal for them love x G x


Hi Gwyn,

I know what you mean by the pain - when we left Sukki in the pet hospital I said

to my husband don't let me have another pet if she doesn't make it.............but

now i dont know as I cant imagine not having anything to look after (apart from Hubby

but he doesnt like having his chin tickled - ha ha )

It's early days yet but the saddest thing is I am now at home all day as i've decided

not to go back to work at Christmas. This bloomin OC... it's change my life but I must

try and get more positive.......I'm working on that one!

Love Angie xx


Hi angie

Your little cat was sent to you for your healing journey x let's hope her job is done x

I have a Katie cat who does the same, she gets tight up to my face and snuggles in, she would get inside me if she could ??.. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all x positive thoughts x


Hi MidwifeGill,

Give Katie a big cuddle tonight from me.

Love Angie xx


Hi Angelina

I'm so sorry to hear about little Suki. I'm sure it left you devastated as it was such a shock. I have had many cats over my married life and it never gets easier when you lose them, they mean so much to you. I have 3 at the moment and 3 dogs, so I have a houseful, but they are all important to me. Thank you for sharing your story with us, sending you hugs and lots of love.

Linda xx


Sorry Angelina

Forgot to say well done for your good news, I'm so pleased for you.

I had my first check on the 20th and my ca125 had risen slightly so I have to have a ct scan this week, just hoping it will all be ok.

Love Linda xx


Hi Linda,

Thanks for your kind words. We feel a little better knowing that sukki didn't suffer

after her op - but its really lonely in the house without her.

Good luck with your scan I have my fingers crossed for you.

Love Angie xx


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