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chemo resistant tumour

Am new to this yet not so new in more ways than one.I was diagnosed grade 2a OC in July 2007. Carboplatin 2007, carboplatin and taxol 2008, caelyx 2009 and treosulphan 2010.Think I must have an addiction!!!! It was felt that I had chemo resistant OV as the beast trundled on all be it small deposits. Oncologists have now decided to try weekly Taxol for 12 weeks.. Same dose overall as the three weekly. Has anyone else had the same treatment?

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Hi soapsuds, quite similar to yourself. Diagnosed in 2008 of ovarian cancer 3c, had various chemos for mine to also be resistant to chemo. This week I have just started weekly Taxol. I wish you good luck with everything that's going on. I also find it hard to find someone in the same boat as myself and havent had anyone to share this with. Best wishes

Marie xx


Hi Marie

Thanks for getting in touch. I hope things are going ok for you with the weekly taxol. I will probably start mine in a couple of weeks after all the pre tests. How are you feeling in yourself? I have my down times but on the whole I live my lifeas always( bar the normal age process side!!). Have just come back from a fornight camping in a tent with a fracturedshoulder ( how mad is that!!!) Do have a lovely husband who takes good care of me. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing



Hi Marie & Soapsuds,

I have only just picked up your messages, but I am in the same position as you and have to start weekly Taxel for 6 weeks and then 2 weeks off for 4 cycles. Can't imagine what weekly chemo is going to be like but trying to stay positive. I am also going on a Trial drug - double blind and randomised but at least I stand a chance of getting the real drug!! Don't think we have any choice but to stay positive and try and put happy things into our diaries!

Good luck to you both,



Hi Hutch and Marie,

Good luck with all your chemos Hutch. I nearly had a trial drug right at the beginning and although Ihad been accepted but they went and closed the list early and I didn't have it. Still might not have had it anyway!!!! We have no option but to stay positive otherwise we let the rotter (!) win!! Saw my consultant today, the scan results showed more progression but still small and I will be starting the Taxol in about 3 weeks. Chemo suite is very busy. Have either of you decided to try the cold cap treatment to help prevent hair loss? My onc. suggested it as although can feel uncomfortable it is only for an hour.So worth A try methinks.

Oh well back to the stove, enjot the sunshine while it's here!!!

Luv'n'hugs to you both. Keep smilingxx


HI Ladies I too am in a similar position, had the 3 weekly carbo/taxol when diagnosed in Sept 09, got me to remission for 4 months. Then went on caelyx, worked for 3 treatments then stopped, then had avastin, worked initially then stopped! I too, have just started 2 weeks ago on weekly taxol and carbo. 3 weeks on, 1 week off. Are you ladies just having the taxol or the carbo too?? There has been quite extensive studies done in Japan on this regime and it looks really good! Like most of you, I feel great most of the time, although again small deposits of cancer pushing on my bowel so quite uncomfortable and bloated at present. Hopefully the chemo will zap it and I'll feel much better. We get more chemo on the weekly regime, but apparantly it is 'better' on our bodies than the 3 weekly, and enables us to take more chemo. My Onco. said this weekly chemo will become the new 'gold standard' treatment going forward. I looked at the cold cap, but decided against it. 2 hours with it on my head I felt was unbearable, it looked agonising!! VEry interested to know if it works though, as it might be worth it if it does!!! Good Luck to you All!! Where are you all located? I'm in Cheshire.


Hi Everyone,

Just intrested to know if anyone has finished the weekly regime of Taxol? and how succesful they were? did they get a good progression free period? I am on a trail drug as well as doing the Taxol weekly I have too do if for 6 months so its a long haul, you also have to have more CTscans and blood tests, and then you stay on the trail drug after you have finished the Taxol unitl your O.C returns



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