Oncology today, chemo to start soon

Hi all, we've seen the oncologist and he is starting her on carboplatin/taxol 3 weekly with weekly taxol in between for 9 weeks then review. Surgeon said the omentum was removed during the surgery and it had caking. Cancer dotted around small intestine that's why nothing else was removed and plan is to see what chemo can do. BRCA test underway as type of cancer is Serous high and low grade cells. A lot to take in. Anyone else had a similar diagnosis?

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  • I don't have the same diagnosis, I'm early stage high grade serous but just want to say I'm glad you now have a treatment regime and I'm sure someone will reply with more knowledge. Wishing you a d your sister all the very, very best xx

  • Did the surgeon just remove the omentum and not your sister's ovaries, fallopian tubes and womb? Maybe they don't show evidence of disease, only the small intestine. I expect someone will come on line soon who has both high and low grade cells.

    I had carboplatin and taxol three weekly but not weekly taxol, many others here have though. I hope your sister is feeling more engaged now she has a plan to move forward. Often it's the waiting and wondering that is so difficult to handle. A positive BRCA test will also have implications for you too. Have you had your CA-125 test yet?

    All the best! Chemo is hard but it is do-able!

  • They only took the omentum. The deceased ovary is still there and the small owed is dotted by tumour deposits and they would of had to have taken it all which as the consultant said would not have been survivable. I'm guessing they left the ovary to see the response to chemo because if it's working on reducing that mass the spots in the small intestine will disappear.

  • Small bowel

  • I guessed! And I've lost count of the number of times the spell checker changes omentum into momentum (it's just done it again).

    Fingers crossed! My first chemo removed all my dotted tumour deposits and reduced the tumour sufficiently to make an operation viable.

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