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Feeling desperate. Weekly Taxol to start as current chemo not working. Has anybody had any success?

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I was diagnosed in March 2018 and am now on my second recurrence. I've just had a call from my CNS to say that last weeks scan shows progression and I'm to change from Carboplatin to weekly Taxol. I'm completely gutted and shell shocked. My daughters are 14 and 18 and I can't believe I wont be here for them in the future. Has anybody had success with weekly Taxol when other drugs have failed?

Many thanks x

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Hi there Sticky, I’m so sorry you’ve not responded well to the Carboplatin but I have read on this site of ladies for whom Taxol does do the trick and knocks it on the head. I’m sure you’ll hear from a few such ladies soon.

You have a strong desire to remain on this Earth and be here for your darling girls and I am sure you will!

Keep on fighting on, you can do this!

Lots of love Denise xxxxx

Thank you Denise. It all still seems so unbelievable and like a recurring nightmare. Typically I've been feeling great and was bombing round London at the weekend. It's so unfair and cruel but I know we all feel like this. Thanks for your message, Ruth xx

Hi Ruth, yes it’s so tough living with the constant fear. It’s such an unpredictable and cruel disease. However, it’s not going to get you, Taxol is strong stuff and will knock it right out!

My Oncologist says, the longer we can keep going, it buys us time until a potential cure is found.

Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way. Xxxxx

Thank you x

HiSorry to hear the carboplatin didn’t work for you.

Have you considered trying any alternatives maybe alongside conventional? xx

Thank you Lovedogs41, I was on the COC clinic drugs for a while but then had a recurrence. Have read the Jane McClelland book 'How to starve cancer' but my doctor didn't feel there was any proof that this was of benefit, thanks, Ruth x

Unfortunately oncologists are bound by the cancer act of 1939 that they are only allowed to recommend standard of care treatments,otherwise they risk being prosecuted.Sadly,ovarian eventually starts to become resistant to chemo.Please have a think about getting back on coc drugs and looking again at implementing how to starve cancer.If you are on Facebook there is a great group you could join called Always Hope cancer group.There’s lots of great advice and protocols on there.I have been doing it,together with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and am doing well.Please feel free to message me.xx

Thank you, I'll have a look. I did also see a nutritionalist when first diagnosed but found the diet so extreme I couldn't stick with it. x

Yes I love my food! But I have cut out sugar,alcohol,white carbs,dairy and red meat.I still eat chicken and fish.It was hard at first tbh but it’s just normal for me now I have got used to it x

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Hi there

I just wanted to share some information about the 1939 Cancer Act for anyone who is interested in learning more about this. The current Cancer Act is designed to protect cancer patients and the public from being inundated with adverts for cancer treatments, from any source. This includes medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies and alternative practitioners. Cancer Research UK have written a comprehensive blog about the history of the Cancer Act as well as it’s development into the legislation implemented today: news.cancerresearchuk.org/2...

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk this through with a member of our support team. You can call us on 0800 008 7054/ 07503 682 311, or chat with us directly through this forum.

Best wishes


Ovacome support

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Lyndy in reply to OvacomeSupport

Thanks Annie! It’s good to know we are protected x

thank you x

It’s just a shame that the NHS can’t recommend using conventional treatments in combination with certain alternative therapies like some other countries do like Germany for example.Hopefully this will change in the future.

Absolutely. Taxol effective w ovarian. I was on it 8 months got rid of and shrank tumors. Wear the ice cap. Get booster shots to keep up white count which is usually part of weekly taxol protocol. Good luck. Hugs from paris

Hi Ruebacelle, were you on weekly Taxol as other chemo drugs had stopped working? thanks xx

Yes 2nd and 3rd didn't work.

Thank you. I'm glad it worked well for you. Keep up the good work! Ruth xx

If you didn't respond to carboplatin it doesn't mean you won't respond to other drugs. Weekly taxol seems to be an effective weapon for many I've seen.

With regard to COC drugs, they don't cure or stop recurrences but they do support your mainstream treatment, making it more effective. Allegedly 😀. I've had a recurrence since taking the drugs but I carry on regardless! All best wishes x

ok thank you for the info. xx

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