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I saw my oncologist today re starting chemo tomorrow.. Tues. Last time I had Taxol and Carboplatin but I had a terrible time. So the Oncologist has decided to just give me the Carboplatin.

My worry is it's only for an hour every 3 weeks.... will this be enough? When I had Taxol and Carboplatin it was 7 plus hours every 3 weeks.

They... the Oncology nurses said test but I am really anxious. Has anyone got any knowledge of this or even had it for just an hour at a time. ? Thank you 😀😀😀😀

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  • I have had Carbo on its own twice and it has worked for me it was very easy to manage and I felt well most of the time. I am sure it will work for you will be thinking of you xx

  • I understand that Carbo is the main drug, I started on both Carbo and taxol and taxol,was reduced at session 2 and 3 and stopped after 4. The last two sessions were carbo only and for me the main thing I found out is that Carbo is a high nausea drug and boy did I know it....mind you I had nearly every side effect going so you may not find the same.

    The length of time is increased with the two as taxol has to be given very very slowly, Carbo doesn't need that so don't worry about the time, just be glad you are out sooner!

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • I had two sessions of carbo only. I was told that it did the majority of the work. I wouldn't worry about not having taxol. You probably won't lose your hair being on carbo only so not only saves time sitting in the chemo chair. I did struggle with sickness more when just on carbo so make sure u get anti sickness meds sorted. Xx

  • Thank you I feel so much better I'm just feeling low at the moment and frightened too. I'm frightened I won't get any more time. I know many on here are going through the same. So I'm so glad of any advice and personal stories. X

  • I didn't know about the sickness being possibly worse... I wasn't too Vaduz at all on the Taxol and Carboplatin just felt sick the tablets took the edge off though. Thank you for your replies. Dreading tomorrow xx

  • I had just Carboplatin once every 3 weeks. It Worked great for me. That was 7 years ago. Be positive and it helps. Xx

  • I had carbo only it's offered as a single agent frequently. I struggled with the sickness but you don't lose your hair. Not sure I would have chemo again as side effects too debilitating


  • There have been several important studies that have shown that Carbo alone is just as effective as the Carbo/taxol combo. In the US oncologists are paid according to which drug they use and how long it takes to administer. See the ICON3 study in The Lancet 2002. There have been a number of follow up studies since that time but the ICON3 study is the original and the easiest to hind online. Just be happy that you really don't need to sit in that chemo chair for seven hours and take the antiemetics they give you. Btw don't wait until you feel nauseous. Take them according to schedule.

  • Hi everyone, I start carbo single agent on Thursday and it's great to hear your positive comments. I refused taxol this time as I had read that it was not necessary. I am fasting pre chemo so am starving right now, but I'm hopeful it will result in less toxicity and better results. Good luck everyone, whatever you are doing.


  • Hi I'm starting carboplatin at 4pm today. Feel anxious. I've not fasted just gad a that ok? Be glad when it's summer!! Glad to get this out the way and pray it gives me some more time.

  • Hi Ricky, there is an Australian study that suggested that fasting before/ during (?) chemo might for some have benefits but this is very early days in understanding it.... I had read it and did try but it wasn't at all possible for me...

    We're all different and I think it's important to be kind and realistic about what will work best for you. Completely understand those feelings of anxiety and am sending all hopes that this afternoon goes ok. Do try to drink plenty before and after as single carboplatin can be tricky with both constipation and fatigue. I am sure that you'll find your own way through this treatment... Wishing you hope & strength, Sxx

  • Ps there was a lovely complimentary therapist available to people having chemo at the hospital where I was treated... Perhaps seeing if something similar is available may be helpful to help with anxiety?? At my first chemo session she very simply and gently touched my hands and shoulders and just that was enough.... The chemo nurse could see how frightened I was and suggested it for which I am incredibly grateful to them both x

  • I used to go for a full cooked breakfast in a lovely little cafe near the hospital on the morning of my chemo sessions! Really enjoyed it and took a photo each time for my Instagram page too!!! Breakfast followed by a little walk around town then into the chemo unit!

    Took my hubby there for breakfast the other week and luckily it was just as delicious and not linked to chemo for me.!!

    Clare xx

  • My food treat was lunch at Green's (Simon Rimmer's restaurant in MCR). I had to go to the Christie first thing to have bloods but didn't get called for chemo until mid-afternoon. Once I realised I could leave the hospital, this was a great distraction and a very delicious soup, sandwich and the best chips!! :-) I was also pleased to return and find it just as great and not at all linked to chemo! :-) xx

  • Ooh that sounds delicious. Very envious of a good restsurant. Glad its still as good.. i havent been able to eat mints again yet!!

  • Ginger now makes me heave!! ;-)

  • last time round I was addicted to mini cheddar cheese and fish fingers sandwiches!! weird button yummy... to me x

  • Hi Ricky

    I am in the same boat . Although I tolerated both fairly well last time 5years ago I was only given Carboplatin this time . Reason given by the CNS was that Taxol too toxic . It does only take an hour. It is the combination that takes the longest. This time around my creatinine levels are borderline so instead of increasing my dose by ten per cent each time they have had to keep it at the same level . I had my fourth yesterday so I hope it is doing the job. I was reassured by people here saying that taxol only does 5 pc of the job and that the Carbo is the main one. I intend to keep asking questions. I am guessing if you had bad reactions last time that they want to keep side effects at a minimum for you. The very best of luck. Keep in touch.


  • Hi Very pleased to say had my first Carboplatin at 5pm today. Yes I had terrible long term reaction to the combination of Taxol and Carboplatin. So oncologist says just the Carboplatin. I am so hoping the side effects won't be so bad . So fingers crossed

    I went into a panic when I found out it was just an hour !!

    But I'm being positive I'll get through the 6. Got to.

    So your on your 4th well done!! Gave you had any problems at all?

    It's so good to get advice on here made a huge difference to me

    I've met some lovely patients in the chemo suite today. Normally I go into sure room as I'm so frightened.... ridiculous I know but a huge problem for me. Sadly it's that fear that has now lined me with stage 4 Terminal but I'm always positive!!

    Thank you so much for your reply. Keep well xxx

  • Sorry about awful spelling glasses!! X

  • Ricky

    Thanks for your good wishes. Any pains and aches I suffered were not s direct effect of the Carbo I was assured. After first one a dreadful pain in my back turned out to be a slipped disc . I have no nausea but then again I was lucky first time round on that score. I am careful on day 10 to 14 and touch wood no unwelcome germs. I have read the other replies to you and they have also reassured me. I have no problem with sitting with other women in the chemo suite as we are all in this together. I get a bit annoyed when their companions sit around with them and pass the time by listening to your conversation with the doctors and nurses . So Ricky I really wish you the best of luck and we will stay in touch. Take care.


  • I had the same experience and was terrified of doing it again but the second time I had taxol weekly and the difference was unbelievable (oh and no steroids on those 2 weeks) I functioned normally and sailed through it compared to the first time so might be worth discussing as an option? Good Luck,

    Claire xxx

  • I had the opposite problem. I had a reaction to the Carbo. I assumed the Taxol was the most important since I have to do it for 4 hours but from the comments many are saying Carbo is the better of the two. My oncologist is supposed to try a different drug next round.

  • Hi. I am lying in bed having been awake all night feeling so sick. The anti nausea tablets aren't doing much. I am exhusted. MY oncologist said the Carboplatin would be so much easier alone But my God I feel evil. Does this sickness feeling pass or here for the duration? Also very constipated had that last time on the Taxol/ Carboplatin nightmare not been for 5 days. Sorry grim subject !!

    I hope you are well?

    mine is just palliative however I was extremely well before I took this chemo on!!

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