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Chemo or immunotherapy?


Another roller coaster.. I was diagnosed with primary perintoneal cancer June 2015 was on carbo and taxol (9 rounds of tx) with surgery half way in sept. iwas in remission for 16 months and then ca125 went from a 2 to 135 in three months- had a ct scan cancer- a few small spots in my liver- back on carbo and taxol- numbers go down. three months later another recurrance ughhh I have option of avastin and doxil chemotherapy or I qualify for a clinical study if immunotherapy ( a shot daily for five days, iv therapy on monday for thity minutes and the following monday for thirty minutes and then five days of shots) I just got this news today and i am overwhemed and confused- my gyn oncologist is 3 hours away whisch is where I would go for the clinical study- chemo is 10 minutes away.... they said whatever I decide to do is ok----- any thoughts?

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I'm thinking to try for the immunotherapy. If it fails for any reason you can always fall back on the chemo.

Is there a small hotel where you can negotiate a special rate if you stay for four nights? You might find the hospital hold details of suitable places and that should make the travelling less onerous.

All the best!

Hi Dbsip, yes I agree with January 100% go for the immunotherapy I have heard good things about it. As January also said if it doesn't work then you can try chemo.

I am on a kind of immunotherapy I take it in tablet form so far I am ok. Good luck on what ever you decide to do. Take care Cindyxx

I do agree with everyone.

There have been a lot of promising results in the field of immunotherapy.

Do try to find an Air BnB or perhaps there is a hospice you can stay in, go with a friend or relative to offer support to you and keep you company.

Good luck on your trial.

Best wishes,



I agree with the others, but it's not clear to me if the shots would be at the same place as the IV. Are they self-administered? That would make it much easier. You tend to get half a tale with the first lot of info on clinical trials!

Where are you based ? And where would the treatment be?

It sounds as though your Doctors may not be guiding you to make a decision? Hsvevthey recommended one over the other?

My instinct would be, that depending on where you live, I would look for a second opinion. I can recommend a team in London that would help you. I think they would give you the answers you needed.

If you have spots on your liver, it sounds to me that based on research, surgery first would be your best route as it gives you far better chances.

Let me know if so can help. It’s s big decision and you need experts that are going to help you, based on research.

Lots of love, Nicky ❤️

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