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Hi all I am finally feeling a bit better today after third round Carbo / Taxol i had on Thursday , it turned out my body is now becoming highly sensitive to the Taxol.

I have been showing sensativity the last two times I have had the line in but Thursday we ended up being 11 hrs at the unit, I had to be given 3 X 100 Mls steroid two lots of Piriton and then glucose and break every twenty minutes.

After all that they waited thirty mins before putting the Carbo through, then the vein collapsed, we finally finished 3rd chemo 11 hrs later.

Whilst this was a tiring day we also had. some good news my surgery has been booked for the 29th of June they have brought my scan date forward to next Tuesday so they can discuss next Thursday at the MTD meeting.

So as we all tell each other that one over, onwards and upwards.

Ellsey xx

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OMG that was a traumatic day for you!! The things we have to do and put up with! Glad you have your op date though that was a big worry for me that they couldn't operate!!

Enjoy your weekend xx

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Gosh you went through it didn't you? Due to my Taxol reactions and side effects my Onc reduced the dose for chemo 2 and then again for chemo 3. I hope this means it's settled although my bloods were only just ok for chemo 4 (3 days ago)

Two of my veins went hard during chemo 3 so I had a PICC line fitted last week which made chemo 4 much easier, hopefully they will do that for you? Will you will have more chemo after surgery?

Hope you're feeling ok and able to enjoy the weekend

Take care

Clare X


Clare yes 3 more then she is recommended Avastin, I asked her how soon post surgery I will have 4th chemo she said three weeks after. I was hoping I could get a bit longer but think that is because the dreaded Thursday. But should be happy how well I am doing.

Ellsey xx

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My chemo started 4 weeks to the day if my surgery, it does mean that there is a bit of renewed pain and twinges and possibly a bit of old blood due to the chemo doing its job but it is very manageable xx


That was a day and a half, and hard on you, I hope you are resting today, your arm must be sore, arnica cream is very good for bruising and soreness. I hope you can perhaps get out tomorrow and forget all things medical for a while. Best wishes


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