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Etoposide cisplatin

Hi has anyone been on Etoposide and Cisplatin chemo seems this may be my last chance of chemo I am braca diagnosed in 2012 several rounds of Abraxane Avastin

Gemcit,Carbo Bevacizumab. Single Carbo.Ca125 14000. Spread to liver spleen various other places. Breathing not to good oncologist advised for me to contact Macmillan

Oh god last chance saloon

Not a good meeting yesterday 3months if I do not have chemo50-50 the chemo may work, have any of you ladies had my new chemo regime.

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No sorry I haven't but want to send you a big hug x


Thank you so much for your thoughts hugs received and needed


No experience but just to say keep asking your Oncologist's advice. Go for it. Sending love ❤️


Hi jakr, I too was diagnosed in 2012 and have been on various chemo and maintenance treatments. Taxol, carbo, caelyx gemzar, avastin and nearly a year of immunotherapy. My latest treatment is the Rotterdam regime etoposide and cisplatin. It was six infusions of cisplatin and tablets taken over periods of 21 days. Ive finished the infusions but am still on the tablets. I found it the hardest yet but it is do able. My onc prescribed a brilliant anti sickness tablet which I took before treatment and it really helped. I cant remember the name off hand but could find out if you like. It was worth it as my last scan was good showing my tumours were over 50% smaller and my oncologist is hopeful the tablets will continue the reduction.Hope this helps you, I would def go for it, as I've heard the response rate is generally good. All the best Natalie

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Many thanks for your experience with this relentless cruel fight .

I hope this will give me a bit longer as feeling this is maybe The end of my options. I start on Wednesday I will stay over as this requires a lot of fluid intake so over 8 hours. All new treatments are so scary wondering just how poorly you are going to feel.

Steroids are helping at the moment with the breathing I think I will still have some with this treatment or a while.

Well thank you so much it helps to share.



Hi I’m on day 19 of the regime. Similar prognosis. My low grade cancer suddenly accelerated. My main issue is a bowel obstruction although I have so many tumours now.

I decided it was better to take the chance rather than have no chance. I compared several options from worldwide experts and positively chose this regimen which was being offered locally to me and didn’t mean relocating to Houston for treatment.

If there is anything that I can share to help. Let me know. I will tell you. When I was asking, some ladies who had the regimen came forward. They had stabilised and were still here. I was also told that it was tough, so far is painless compared to side effects of muscle pain etc of taxol, carbo and avastin. I’m on the break and bloods are meant to dip but so far I’m ok.

Take care x



Thank you so much the ladies on this site are just so helpful and we pull together to have virtual hugs this is so reassuring knowing there are other ladies dealing with this constant mental and physical battle understands just how you feel.

This has been a long hard journey and you wonder if you will be able to carry on.

It is encouraging that some of your ladies have stabilised, fingers crossed

It works for me. X



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