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Cisplatin anyone?


I've reacted to my last dose of carboplatin, having had extra steroids and antihistamines as I also reacted to the last, second, infusion. It was working so seems to me that the most similar other chemo, which seems to be cisplatin, would be my best option. Does anyone have experience of cisplatin that they could share? I can't see a doctor for another 10 days so would like to known what questions to ask when In see them.


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My understanding of Cisplatin is that it is an irritant, Carboplatin was an upgrade to a better version. How about Eloxatin?

LA xx


I had an allergic reaction to carboplatin on my 2nd line treatment, and was switched to cisplatin for the remaining cycles. It required an overnight stay because the cisplatin has to go in VERY sowly along with bags and bags of fluid (yuck - you end up SO bloated). The nausea was awful for the first few days (cisplatin is notorious for this - it's practically unavoidable) . However, I got a good remission from it and from what I could gather it's just as effective as carbo (it's actually carbo's "older sister" but is more expensive to use because of the time involved, and has heavier side effects which is obviously undesirable).

For my 3rd line I went back to carbo on a desensitisation protocol - this involved lots of pre-meds then a slow infusion over about 6 hours.

In my experience (and I suspect in most people's) carbo is preferable to cisplatin all round.

So, I would definitely ask about sticking with carbo but getting it on a desensitisation protocol.

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Please ask your doctor about Oxaliplatin, it is the least allergenic of the platinum drugs, and better tolerated and doesnt require the hydration of Cisplatin.


Hi. I had quite a bad reaction to Carboplatin and wont ever be able to have it again and have since had Cisplatin twice. it is harsher to tolerate than Carbo but can be tolerated with the right anti sickness tablets which Id definitely speak to the drs about. Other than that I would add that it does the job so to speak. It put me back into complete remission after 3 cycles , although I went onto complete the full 6 . If there is a better option, less harsh I think Id consider asking for it. I wish you well xx Kathy xx


Thanks for all the replies. I'll ask about oxaliplatin. I've never heard of that one. Cisplatin does sound pretty awful. I've been quite nauseated this time even with about a third of the carboplatin but I'll put up with the cisplatin if it does the job, and the carbon did seem to be working as the CA125 had gone from 1324 to under 800 already.


I have had Cisplatin twice now. Once with the Rotterdam Treatment and now with Gemcitabine. I am about three quarters of the way through my treatment. Although I would agree it has proved tougher on me than the Carboplatin I seem to have avoided sickness . It has been harsh on both the white and red blood cells. I have to have injections to bring up the white blood cells, then they go too high so then they knock off the injections. A bit of juggling involved. Plus having to have blood transfusions for anaemia and folic acid tablets. A & E a few times also with high temperatures. Good luck anyway with your treatment.



Merry 2016 ...!

This happened to me this time last year : ghastly reactions to Carboplatin having had Carbo/taxol in 2011 followed by Carbo gemcitibane a year later . Hospitalised in April to try and get the Carbo in to me but despite best attempts , all went pear shaped .

I did Cispaltin as part of Rotterdam regime in 2013 with some success , so Onc went for Cisplatin again . Frontloaded everything for shock , slow Cisplatin , followed by more stuff , and did that from April to August . The dose was reduced and had weekly . It did the trick and I managed a break but the little bugger is on the move again and I expect to be on cyclophosthamide ( sp ? ) and a trial ( METRO ) by February depending on CT scan at end of January .

Apart from the tedium of it all , weekly trips /blood tests , I have found it all very do-able

By August , I was mentally exhausted so asked for a break . In that time , we got to Lake Como for a week , and to Paris , and life goes on ; I do take high dose Vit B to help wih Neuropathy , as well as turmeric etc ...

So , Cisplatin gets my thumbs up ! I do wish you very well ,

Best wishes , Angela D.

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Im on Cisplatin And I had a violent reaction to it. My Dr is considering carboplatin now because not only was the vomiting uncontrollable but I ended up in the hospital for neutropenia fever. My white cells were down to 2. And then I had to take the neupogen injections which caused severe bone pain. So I was on dilaudid and three different nausea meds for five days.

As much as it sounds like it im not knocking Cisplatin as I know it's a great drug. I just reacted horribly to it. Everyone is different. I'd like to know more about carboplatin myself if anyone can share. Thanks


Thanks. I'll take all that into account.


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