Hi Ladies sending you all the very best wishes and hope you are all keeping positive and well.

I've had my results from 18 weeks of weekly Taxol today, I've had a partial response, some spots have reduced, some have stayed the same and some have increased slightly, I am now going to start tablet form chemotherapy "Etoposide", to control things. Has anyone been on this drug before? Oncologist said that sickness could be the main side effect but can get anti sickness for that and my hair might get thinner.

Have a good day


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  • HI KM I havent been on that treatment but just want to send you a hug and wish you the best, hopefully some of the ladies with experience with this treatment will respond to you, best wishes

  • Thank you xx

  • Yup , been there , got the T shirt .

    If you look up " Rotterdam Regime " you'll get some information . This is Cisplatin , and the tablet etoposide ....I was on it in January 2013 for 9 months ...and this held it all back . Hair loss , yes . I have a typically recurring form of the disease , and this was a positive for me . Anti sickness for the Cisplatin ...but etoposide , I found quite easy . By the following January we had to find something else ( weekly Taxol ) but , we are all different and react accordingly .Still here , now on Immunotherapy trial ...

    It can be done !

    Cross fingers for you xx

  • Thank you, I'm hoping that just like you it keeps things back for just a bit longer. Good luck with the trial wishing you all the best.

    Thanks again



  • Hi, my results after 18 weeks of Taxol where like yours but unfortunately the oncologist did watch and wait for 3 months and in 2 months it had spread. So it's good you are going on to a maintainence drug straight away.

    Like Angela says Etoposide is part of the Rotterdam Regime which is supposed to be very good but they don't use it very often now for some reason. My second option Dr said it was better than the cyclophosphamide that I am on. I might ask her about it if this does not work for me.

    Best of luck with it. X

  • Thanks Trix, yes I must admit I feel better about things because my oncologist isn't waiting to see what happens, I'm relieved that he's giving me something. So hopefully it will keep it at bay for a bit longer.

    Fingers crossed for you to, let us know how you are doing.

    When Angela said about the Rotterdam Regime I did read up on it. Just to get some insight to the drug I'm on.

    Take care xxxx

  • Sending you love

  • Thank you x

  • Hi, how are you doing on it ? My oncologist said I may be able to try this if the cyclophosphamide does not work. Hope it's going well. X

  • Hi Trix I'm starting it next week but will let you know how things go xx

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