Good news

Apologies if variations of this have popped up , I keep losing my messages .

Taken off trial , Immunotherapy ( Pembrolizumab ) in May , but CT scan shows now , stable disease , with " Masses " , in retreat " marginally shrunk " .

The thinking is that my immune system has been re educated and is doing the work .

After six years and five lots of chemo , the last cisplatin august 2015 , this is all very promising . I have no appointment until November , a first for me , three clear months !

I do hope this is good news for all of us . The first few months were hard , but after that things were plain sailing until I went into hospital with horrid rash and tummy trouble . I was then taken off the trial having been on it for nine months in total .

Weather in London is sunny , and so am I !

Love to you all xx

Never give up , it's not over till the fat lady sings .

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  • Brilliant news for you. Gives us all hope!

    Enjoy the sunny bankholiday

    Jackie O xxx

  • That is good news, Angela. Let's hope the drug is proven to be effective an is rolled out to the mainstream. Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend x

  • This is great news! Enjoy the next three months without hospital visits.

  • This is wonderful news! Very pleased for you and promising for us all!

    Any key changes that have contributed to the positive changes in your immunity, please share!

    Enjoy the sunshine xxx

  • Great news so pleased for you . Stay well and have a lovely weekend And yes gives us all hope. Love Kimx

  • This is very encouraging indeed. Well done and long may stable last. May I ask why do they think your immune system has rebooted? I got a similar result from Avastin finished 2 years ago and still stable. Are you doing anything diferent?

  • Oh what fantastic news! you must be delighted, your post certainly made me smile!

  • That's amazing. I've just told Hubby he's a bit worried about things. I'm sure immunotherapy is the future of treatment

    So pleased for you

    LA xx

  • That's great news. Long may your stability continue!

    Enjoy the sun. Xx

  • Thanks for posting -- pleased for you & really interesting to hear about immunotherapy

  • This is good news and also encouraging for us all.

  • Excellent news, you must be relieved. Enjoy the weather, the bank holiday and especially the 3 months reprieve 😊. Keep as well as you possibly can. Big hugs and lots of love ❤️ xx Jane

  • Fantastic news. Enjoy your break from appointments x

  • Brilliant post thank you! I am really pleased for you enjoy the sunshine xx

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