5 months post op!

5 months post op!

Well today I had my vac therapy removed, my last wound opening is now under 1cm and I am trying out a normal dressing!! Feels very strange not carrying my battery pack around.

Next stop will be to finally see my new scarred stomach -it has been covered up now for 5 months!! Plus they removed my belly button during surgery so wondering how that will look! However ,

They are my war wounds and I will learn to love them :)

Base line CT Sunday and results within a few weeks, CA125 Tuesday, which was still 139 when last checked 😔

Got my cape just in case needed but am praying for some remission time.

Virtual hugs and strength my friends xx

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  • Love the quote and I can just imagine you sayin it. Thrilled that your wound is gradually healing and you are coming to terms with life without belly button.Mine is protruding due to a hernia . I hope the CT scan results are good and you get into a long remission Cheers Chris

  • Thank you Chris 🙏☺️

  • if anyone needs a bit of remission it is you Jess! You have stoically gone through the past God knows how many months, dealing with not only your own issues, but having to watch your son go through his. I really hope that now, you get some good news, and some breathing space. Whilst this is great, it may also bring up certain emotions, it certainly did for me after my chemo came to an end, and is fairly common I think. If so, you know where we are if you need a lift of any kind.

    Love hearing your updates, and wishing you the very best in the next stage of your journey.

    Sarah xxx❤️ xxx

  • Hi Sarah,

    Thank you Sarah, I hope you are doing well with your researching and reading but also that you are starting to find a 'new normal'.

    Thank you for your lovely offer of support, I will keep you posted on my results and hopefully be in touch re holiday insurance 🙏 🌞

    Take care xxxxx

  • Jess, the 'new' normal has arrived quicker than expected. Am still at the beginning of my 'reading' and still on the first book of about 10, but my insight increases all the time. Think my holiday definitely helped me find the balance I was seeking albeit it's still a rollercoaster ride as you know xxx

  • I'm so glad for you as you've had such a hard time. I admire you so much and the tone of your post also sums up what a great woman you are. Brilliant ❤

    All the best for your baseline CT and results.

    You've done good!!

    Clare xx

  • Ah thank you Clare, such kind words that mean so much.

    You are a woman after my own heart ❤️

    Much hope and positivity for you xxxxx

  • Hi Jess. Just read some of your posts and what you have been going through. Sending lots of good thoughts for a long remission for you😘😘🌻🌻

  • Hey,

    Thankyou Chris. Let me know how you get on with your port request!

    Everything crossed xxx

  • All the best wishes for good results. Wouldn't worry too much about the missing belly button, unless of course you fancy wearing a skimpy bikini. Hope your son is still doing well.

  • He is doing very well thank you, put on some weight since finishing chemo which is great!

    Busy with his GCSE's and having this focus ( albeit stressful ) has been a positive thing.

    Skimpy bikini is definitely a thing of the past!!!!

  • Love the quote! Hope you get the remission you so deserve and that your son is doing well. You've both been through so much and deserve a break. Big hugs, Kathy xx

  • Thank you Kathy, that's lovely of you, I do feel we are due some positive news,

    Your 'journey' ( never sure that word is appropriate ) Gives me positivity xxx

  • You are a strong lady and will cope with whatever is thrown at you,I wish you all the best!

    Anyway,belly buttons are so last season😬

    Love to you,

    Carole xxx

  • Ha ha,

    Love it Carole! I may use that line myself! :) xxx

  • ❤️❤️

  • Haven't had a belly button for 4 years and soon got used to it. DI

  • Thankfully your wound is healing st last, my belly button is sitting over to the right of my abdomen, looks funny.

    Praying your CT scan results give you a long remission.

    Ellsey xx

  • Ah Jessica you have been through so much. I feel so thrilled for you that the VAC has been removed...finally!! Yay🎉

    I am praying that you get that much deserved NED. In the meantime here are my usual virtual flowers 💐💐💐

    Hugs, Marian xxxx

  • Thank you Marian, I love them! 💗

    Hope you are currently well xxx

  • Just had confirmation of first line NED. Feeling grateful and scared, but trying to get out and enjoy life. Yes hope you will be able to do the same with your son xx

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