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So i am getting key hole surgery on Thursday to remove left ovary and cyst. Part of this ovary had been removed because of a dermoid cyst 10 years ago but i seem to have sprung another cyst. Bit apprehensive as they dont know what type of cyst it is but think its of a benign nature even though i have raised CA125. Hes said he would put money on me having some endo.

I am worried about the surgery itself the anesthetic and what they do actually find - cant get my head round it all and keep a brave face on for family :(

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Without a doubt waiting for my operation was the worst time for me. I didn't/couldn't put on a brave face for my family who all survived my angst, and luckily my children are adults. The actual day of the op was so much better than expected, such a relief that something was finally happening.

Since then nothing has been as bad as the waiting and I so hope you'll take some comfort from this, and my biggest hope for you is that your doctor is right.

Wishing you all the very, very best xxx

I was terrified think the not wKkng up thing was my worst fear... it's soon over and your on the mend 😊

This is possibly one of the scariest times, I hope you'll feel a little better on the actual surgery day, I know I did and there was no turning back. Nobody wants to have surgery of any kind but sometimes it's important for our future long term good health. I hope your family understand what lies behind your brave face, they are possibly doing exactly the same for you too. maybe big hugs all round would be good for you all.

Sending good luck wishes for surgery on Thursday for a positive outcome and big encouraging hugs ❤xx Jane

Hi there,

I think most of us can sympathise with how you are feeling. It's a really scary time, not just the procedure itself but of course the unknown afterwards. From my own experience, the surgery was not as bad as I had thought (on both occasions) although surgery is never very pleasant for anyone. I found jotting down all the questions I had before useful so I could run through it all beforehand and also making sure everything was organised at home for afterwards.

The worst part for me was the gas pain after the op (which I'm sure you have perhaps read about from other posts) but getting up & moving about as soon as you can after the op along with drinking peppermint tea really helped me. It does eventually pass so keep that in mind and for some, it isn't as bad as for others. You'll be back to normal before you know it but use it as a good excuse to have your family run around after you for a change :)

And of course, we are always here to lend an ear or offer some advice. The biggest thing after is to REST! And give your body time to recover properly. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best for Thurs and of course afterwards.

Jemima xx

Hang in there, take some deep breaths, and everything will work out. When I had my surgery like 4 weeks ago and a large tumor too. We have to be strong for our kids, sending prayers and love your way🙏🏻💕

I can sympathise with how you're feeling, as I'm having surgery on Friday, & going in the day before as I'm anaemic, & have been advised to have a blood transfusion beforehand. But it'll soon be over for us both, & the recovery started. Good luck to you. Di

Good luck! I hope it all goes well and take the advice to rest and recover afterwards.


I had major debulking surgery just over a year ago. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought. I recovered really quickly. Hope your experience is the same! Good luck!

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