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Post op scares

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Doing good so far in the post op. Still a week to wait for the pathology report but found out from the GYN ONC office I have multiple Nodules in my lungs and one in the liver that I will have to monitor with CT scans every 3 months to see what they do. Just when you think the worst is over wham something else comes up. Trying to not go to worst case But it is hard not to. No time for mopping around got to get feeling stronger for the time being

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Hi Jess, it's much harder to have good thoughts when you are given s*it news. I was given 6 months to live with treatment even told to bring my birthday forward. I have made over 2 & a half years. So try to focuse on nice little treats like a new handbag or a pair of shoes maybe a night out. I focused on photos of my family. I have done so much in the last 2 + years. I am thinking of you take care Cindyxx

Thank you so much. Right now I'm just concentrating getting well enough to pick up my 9 mo old grad daughter that is my goal for the next couple weeks. Feel strong enough to pick her up

Hi Jess, that is a excellent goal. When things looked grim for me I drew closer to my family. I needed to take my mind away from all the horrible ct scan results all the dreadful details of the surgery. All the ca 125 getting highter.

I was told I have nodules in my lungs & breast . When I had my normal 3 year breast scan it was clear after I was told I have nodules there. I don't understand half of my results. Just before they found the cancer my smear was clear but a few months later my cervix was suffocated with cancer. The GP could clearly see it with a naked eye. He was a locome not fully trained GP. So try not to take to much to heart.

Remember chemo can knock a lot of this & it might never come back Take care Cindyxx

So sorry to hear this Jess. My lung nodules have only just appeared post surgery and chemo. I guess the way I am trying to cope with this is by telling myself that had they been there prior to surgery, I may not have been eligible. I'm sorry I don't know where you are at with regards to treatment, I expect in the early stages? If so, hang in there, your yet to have chemo and anything is possible. Totally understand your vulnerability. Big hugs xx

Thank you. Yea post op they weren't recommending any other treatment thus far now this so I'm not sure where I stand now

I was also told I had lung nodules but the Onc said they haven't done anything and we probably wouldn't have known if you hadn't been scanned....I am not sure they are necessarily cancer...onc said that some people live for years without any trouble and someone on here said recently that they can just be dead cells. I would get some clarification before worrying! xx

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Jessica-DianeB in reply to Lyndy

This is very interesting to me Lindy.

Having recently been diagnosed with a reccurence by way of nodules in my plural cavity. They say it is active due to the rising CA125. Up 200 since completing 1st line.

What were the circumstances regarding your nodules? If you don't mind me asking? Xx

I didn't know I had them. They done the chest Abdomen and pelvis CT prior to debulking surgery and they were found on review of that

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suzuki in reply to Jessfrogg

Hi Jess had nodules in lungs from day one but they never grew, it could be from a bad chest infection, this was from my original base line scan pre chemo and nothing grew in 11 year touch wood

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Jessfrogg in reply to suzuki

Wonderful. Maybe that means this is just some old scar tissue and nothing for me to worry about.

Did you have a rising CA125 may I ask. My consultants are certain my nodules are malignant.

They have only appeared after 3 months of NED. However I've had pneumonia and Emyema so I was hoping they were wrong :( however been referred to the Royal Marsden now as they are treating them as a recurrence.

Interesting a few ladies have nodules that don't appear to be metastatic.

Hope this is the case for you Jess 🙏

I won't know the level of the CA125 they drew just before surgery on the 5 th until Tuesday when I go to get my pathology report and post op

Going to watch for a couple of months and then do a follow up chest and Abdomen CT to check and see if they have changed and retake the CA125

Hope your recovery is going well Jess. Keep testing and doing little bits here and there xx

I will. All these tests are driving me crazy

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Jessfrogg in reply to Lyndy

Going to do that. They said I will have a repeat CT and CA125 as lung cancers show up on that as well in a couple months

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Hi Jess,

I also had lung nodules. When I was first diagnosed the oncologist though I had lung cancer as well as overian and to prepare for the worse. They then did a lung biopsy which is not a very nice test, but it turned out it was not cancer and they think now that it's some kind of scare tissue.

So don't panic yet, I'm confident this is something like that as Cindy and Lynda also experienced.

My thoughts are with you,

Take care.

Ann Nora 🍀

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Jessfrogg in reply to Hidden

Hope that will be what it turns out to be. Fingers and toes crossed. They said they will check it in a couple of months so we shall see I guess

Hi Jess, Good advice as usual from the ladies I also have nodule in my lung that show up on my scans, so was told more likely scare tissue as it has been there for a while with no change. Try and keep your chine up take care Lorraine xx🎉🎉

I apparently have deposits in the lungs and liver Jess and have had from the beginning which was two and a half years ago, just about to have last treatment of second line chemo and feeling confident that it will have knocked it back so I can have some watch and wait time and do a lot more travelling! Wishing you all the best and a strong and speedy recovery!!

Love and hugs x

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Jessfrogg in reply to Katsmum

Thank you so much. That's where I'm at watch and wait. Pray it stays that way

Stay Strong my friend stay strong. I pray for all of us!!!

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Jessfrogg in reply to bigjohn104

Thank you so much. The love and well wishes from all the ladies here help a lot. I hate to show my fear to my kids as a single mom so it is nice to have all of you to speak openly with. There is so much going wrong right now I am having a hard time today being positive. I really need to see about getting a massage or something to bust the stress. But going to fight like hell to stay positive and not let all this stuff get me bogged down.

Stay strong Jess, and pray to almighty God to make it pass

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Jessfrogg in reply to bigjohn104

Every day

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bigjohn104 in reply to Jessfrogg

That's what I do every chance I get also!!!

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