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A week until my op :/

Hi everybody, hope everyones new year is going well. I was in a bit of a panic last time i got my results from my mri scan - tumour has returned onto my pelvic side wall my gynacologist has diagnosed me with ( recurrence of abdominal disease on pelvic side wall and possibly involving sigmoid - may need sigmoid resection) been reading up about the sigmoid resection and its possible i may need some part of it removed but i think he said he doesnt know what/ how far it has spread untill he goes in and operates, my procedure will be ( excision of pelvic recurrence on pelvic side wall and possible sigmoid resection)

feeling abit better mentally, sorted work out with getting sick pay and just trying to stay healthy until my op now, still abit daunting as i still havnt seen my gynacologist but hes resasured me he will be seeing me before my op, i went for my pre op assesment last week and i am booked in for the 23rd on jan so only just over a week now got my christmas party this saturday ( i know abit late) but going to let my hair down and have a good time ) I suppose i just have to wait and see now if there will be any more treatment involved but happy with the fast process he says its not an emergency but they have got me in pretty quick. hope your all doing ok :)

Jasmine rose xxx

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Morning Jasmine Rose, I've been following your posts recently as like you I also has borderline oc. When I had my debulking surgery they also removed two sections of my colon and stuck it back together again. My bowel did go into a bit of a sulk for a few days after surgery but once it settled down I was fine. I had to be careful what I ate for a while afterwards and avoid certain foods


Oops... pressed submit before I had finished. Anyway as I was saying....I had to avoid certain foods and they would give me stomach cramps but eventually I was able to reintroduce these foods back into my diet. Two years down the line I'm fine, although I do suffer from IBS when I'm stressed. Not sure if this is just me, or a result of my surgery. Whatever caused it doesn't really matter as I'm learning how to handle it, and since I've become aware of the signs of a flare up I'm able to deal with it much better.

I hope you have a fantastic time at your belated Christmas Party. Letting your hair down will do you good. Hope your op goes well, I shall be thinking about you. Love Kerry x


Hi Jasmine Rose, I just want to wish you well for your surgery and a speedy recovery. Ann xo


HI Jasmine Rose, Happy New Year and do let your hair down next Saturday night at your Xmas party. I am sorry you must have more surgery but its for the best and I am glad your sick leave is sorted so one less worry. I wish you well with the operation, it may not be as invasive as he thinks as they dont know until they are actually in there. Just take it easy after the party and rest up before the operation ie early nights etc


Hi Jasmine Rose, what a lovely name! Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way. Enjoy your party.

all the best

francesca x


Hi Jasmine rose Just wanted to wish you all the very best for your surgery and a speedy recovery. Have a good party on Saturday night. Nieceyx


Aww your going through the mill too

I also have to loose my small bowel soon so feel empathetic towards you

I wish you the very best for a speedy recovery, you know it won't be overnight and look after yourself major surgery is major surgery so don't expect too much from yourself both physically and mentally itl make you weepy so don't be tough and hold it in let it go as the song says lol

But seriously I wish you healing hugs and I know you'll be ok you sound positive and hope you know there's loads of people on here thinking of you and your journey to health

Keep us posted all the best xxxxx


Jasmine Rose how are you ?


hey, im feeling ok considering, surgery went well and just recovering in bed at home now hope all is well xx


Glad surgery went well. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted on how things are going.


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