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Hi All

I'm now 3 weeks post op and generally feeling well in myself. I've been trying to do a litt,e gentle walking , and we've been out for a drive in the car, so don't feel like I've done too much, Last 3 days or so I've been experiencing a new, sharp, localised pain to on side of the wound, but only when I'm walking around. Sitting still preferably with a cup of tea is fine. The pain is very uncomfortable and is putting me off moving much. I called my CNS who just said I should expect some pain, and take the strong painkillers for another week. My GP doesn't know anything about my type of op or cancer. I had considered going to my local A&E but I wouldn't want them messing with anything as I'm under the Christie, but not due back there for another 10 days.

Has anyone else experienced post op pain like this? Thank you

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  • Hi Sharon

    I'm also 3 weeks post op. I saw one of the nurses last week for a follow up and she said to expect some sharp pain around the wound as the muscle starts to knit back together. It sounds like good advice from your CNS but probably worth staying in touch with her if the painkillers don't work.

    Can I also ask how much you are walking? I'd been doing circuits of our road and at the end of the week started to do a bit more. A friend took me to a local park on Friday and we strolled and chatted for about 45 minutes. I was fine when we were out but had pelvic pain yesterday when I tried to walk so not sure if I overdid it or whether I've done something else. I find it hard to know how much I should be doing - the nurses have said I'm doing fine whereas the surgeon has asked what is stopping me from going further.


  • I only walked to the end of the lane and back by week 3 and nothing further till week 4 when hubby and I managed a short village walk. Your surgeons comment makes me want to kick him between the legs and ask why he's not walking. Angry xx

  • HI Claire - sounds like I definitely tried to do too much!

    I think my surgeon was just questioning whether it was pain or anything else that might need sorting out that was stopping me but clearly I overdid it! He's lovely and did a great job so I wouldn't want to inflict any unncessary pain:) x

  • Hi Andrea

    Thank you for the reply.apart from pottering around the house, I'm trying to walk the 100 yards or so to a bench alongside a river.i have been further, but get more tired and a hey the next day, as you seem to have found. Moving around has however become very uncomfortable and the painkillers don't help. The post areas that hurt before have definitely got better. I know that I've had a major op, with a general rummage around and biopsies of everything. I also still have tumours. The general advice is rest with gentle exercise, but that is vague and everyone is different. I suppose I just don't know if I'm right to walk through the pain, or doing more harm than good! Good luck to you, and hope that you recover soo. Walking and chatting with a friend sounds lovely. Sharon

  • Hi Sharon,

    You'll definitely have sharp pains for some time as your insides are knitting back together.

    This is normal and painkillers will help. You know I already think you're doing too much too soon - rest and short walks. This pain will come and go for weeks .

    DISCLAIMER - I've known Sharon for many years and we text/chat off line!

    Hopefully you'll have lots of responses xx


  • Hiya Clare

    Lovely to hear from you 'officially'! Thank you for introducing me to this forum - the members have already been supportive, and I have seen how supportive of others you have been, as you have to me over the years. I'll consider myself told off and sit down with my cup of tea.

    Sharon xx

  • Clare

    Thank you. I recognised myself and pain in the 'did I do too much?' Article.

    On the sofa with tea now, X

  • Sharon,

    On the subject of 'doing too much,' I decided to spring-clean my house at around 5 weeks post surgery. I felt well, no pain, energy levels coming back up, so why not? I spent the next 2 days in bed, regretting my decision, whilst admiring my lovely clean and tidy bedroom!

    I hope you are pain free very soon 😊

    Yosh x

  • Oh Yosh, like you, I am learning what I can and can't do the hard way. Hope you're feeling better now.

  • I'm doing OK, thanks. 6 months NED so far... no post-op pain any more either. You'll get there soon!

  • It's possibly muscles knitting that's causing the pain, I had it post op more on one side than the other especially after moving around. If you are concerned I'd ring the Christie, they will have all your info on file, you should have a Christie patient number on your appointment card, they are the best people to talk to rather than being messed about at A&E unless you feel it's serious then A&E are an alternative option. I'm under the Christie and have called a couple of times with queries and always had good helpful advice from them. They may ask you to pop in early to see somebody just to make sure it's nothing serious. Hope it improves for you soon, take care ❤xx Jane

  • Jane

    Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I live in Somerset, so am not local to Manchester, so popping in isn't an option. That probably makes me a little more anxious so I'm trying hard to keep things in perspective.

  • You can still ring them for advice though. I really hope you get some peace of mind soon. Lots of love ❤xx Jane

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