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Octopus trial and any other ideas ?

After a very successful time since last August on Pembrolizumab Trial , with reduction of disease , some shrunk some stable , some of the buggers have nevertheless stuck their heads above the parapet and I am now , off the trial .

Toxicity tolerance went in April with vile tummy problems and then a rash which had me hospitalised , so I sort of knew ....

After five lots of chemo , I am being offered either weekly Cisplatin ( been there , done that twice already ) or Taxol ( been there , done that twice already )....I am being offered The Octopus trial with the Taxol . Of course , I have to undergo tests first to make sure that everything is strong enough to be accepted , but I am daunted by the possible side effects of both drugs , simultaneously ....

I started with Carbo taxol , then Carbo Gem , Then etoposide regime , then taxol , then cisplatin , with caelyx / carbo tossed in for good measure somewhere in that lot , which the body rejected .

My husband is recovering from a stroke and a resurgence of vasculitis , and I feel a bit overwhelmed to be facing all this again . Anyone on the Octopus , to help ma make up my mind ? Or any other ideas ?

I have three areas , all under 5 cm , which seem to be the bother !!!

Hoping everyone out there is doing as well as possible . Weather must get better soon or there will be mildew on me , as well as the plants !

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Hi Angeladale, have you ever heard about LDN? We watched this video on youtube and immediately sought more information. We then sent a link to this video to our friend who is currently suffering from cancer of unknown primary origin.

We wish you well. x

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Hi Flower girl, tried to play the video but it stating a error has occurred. Could you please give more detail so I can try & view this too. Thank you take care Cindyxx


Hi Cindy, Oh how annoying! Ok so here's another try 🤗.

Let me know how it goes

Otherwise type this into the YouTube search bar.

Dr Bihari is Interviewed about Low Dose Naltrexone LDN for Normalizing Immune System Function

It's had some very good results in treating some forms of cancer...oh I do hope that it can help you too darling. Big hugs and much love Imogen xxxx


Gosh Angela, it's a lot for you to take in. Did the Prof give you any clues as to which he thought would be your best choice? The advantages of a trial are of course the additional monitoring.

I'm wondering if you can remember which of the chemo choices gave you fewer problems. With your husband's illness that might be worth bearing in mind. Let's hope whatever you decide, zaps those three areas into oblivion.

Good luck! Helen


Hi I am on the Octopus trial at 5he moment. Finished the 18 weeks of taxol about 5 weeks ago and continuing with the azd 2014 now twice a day every day(was only 3 days while on Taxol). I have just had a scan and saw the consultant yesterday. One 3mm node on peritoneum which has reduced Ca 125 17. Only side effects seem to be a bit of tiredness and some mouth ulcers. However as this is a blind trial I may be on the placebo. Morag

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