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Hello, Im 44 a wife, a mother of 2, a 20 year old son in college and a 15 year old daughter. A few months ago I started having huge blood clots coming out, no period for over a year. I know I had fibroids and that it was a part of menopause. But then I had bad lower back pain, so I went to see my orthopedic surgeon. Because I've 2 neck surgery in 2014 and 2015 due to a car accident. So he ordered me a cat scan, I went in, and he said I had some narrowing of my spine lower back. But he said he was more concerned about my huge uterus and mass. I was like mass, so I made a appointment to my OBgyn Doctor. So I got in to see her, and she said my mass look smooth and didn't look like cancer. And give me a CA 125, that came out negative. She discuss surgery and since it was 8 cm it needed to come out soon. And since Ovarian cancer runs in my family. I need to see a Gynecologist Oncologist so I got in to see her, and she said it didn't look cancerous and she knows it runs in our family. So she set my appointment for 3 weeks out, so I went home continued having huge blood clots, she said it was due to my uterus having a lot of fibroids, and my tumor push over my cervix and uterus to the right. So I was in bed in pain curled up, crying and I called the nurse and said I need to get in sooner. So they moved up my appointment for the next week on Monday. I was so relieved thinking I couldn't wait for hysterectomy soon enough. Well I got a call a few days later, and they had to change my appointment because someone with a high CA125 test needed to have surgery first. So I was ok, and a few more days I waited. And when I finally got to have my surgery it was supposed to be a outpatient. So we get to the Hospital and I'm really bloated too, for weeks and burping a lot, which is not normal for me. And I had a had a hard time going to have a bowel movement. So I went into surgery waking up 7 hours later, in the Cancer room in the hospital. I already knew it wasn't good, I did ask the doctor to take pictures of my tumor. Because I wanted to see this hideousness thing, I know I'm weird. And my Mom and Husband and Daughter we're their when I woke up. And my mom said my surgery took 6 hours and I've Ovarian Cancer and they think they got it all. So I spent 3 nights in the hospital, enjoying full menopause. And having 11 insecions on my stomach to healed. Since I've had 2 c sections, I've had too much scar tissue, so we did the da Vinci surgery. Well now I'm healing up at home my 7 day out of surgery and waiting on my pathologist report. Which I will receive from my Oncologist next Friday. She apologize to my Mom and Husband saying she didn't think I had cancer. But I had all the symptoms, except for my blood test the CA 125, which I don't know if I have any faith in and it cost a lot to have done. She also said my small intestine was wrap around my tumor, that was causing a lot of pain. Well I'm glad to be home resting and having my bed. I will let you know how next Friday goes. 💕

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  • Wow! You've been through a lot, Ivster. We're a friendly bunch here, so welcome to our club. I'm 39 so a youngster like you, but my kids are younger at 8 and 4. I hope you get lots of rest at home - make everyone else do things for you!

    Yosh x

  • Thanks for your support, wow, sorry your so young with young children too. That has to be harder on your family, prayers and hugs💕

  • Hi there

    Welcome to the club nobody ever wants to join ! So sorry that you are here.

    I had very similar journey ,yes it's is , no it isn't and then oh yes it is. Doctors don't make clear enough that things might not be as they think , so this is a really hard time emotionally as well as physically for you.

    These are huge surgeries and getting though it is huge so well done and things will get better. Perhaps you will be able to have oestrogen , which I have had and which makes a massive difference to how you feel.

    Try to take things very very easy , you have had a massive trauma and must take things very easy. Look at this time as an investment into your future health.

    I do hope that the surgeon had got everything out , this will confer massive benefits for you moving forward.

    Take care

    Love n hugs xxx

  • Thank you Charlie12, yes I'm taking easy and healing right now. It seems like everyone cares a lot, which is welcoming. Have a good weekend :)

  • Oh poor you.........I pray that have got it all and you make a full recovery. Lots of rest! xx

  • Thanks triplets💕

  • Thanks Charlie12💕

  • Hi Ivster

    Welcome, we will help you here. We are all at the same road.

    Im younger as well. Diagnosed with stage III c in March 2015, I was 37 years old, with 4 years old son, we were trying for second baby and that's how I found out. Debulking, chemo, 12 months clear and is back again. I just had 3 sessions of carbo/caelyx, 3 more to go.

    After first recovery from cancer I set up website with headwear for cancer and alopecia patients. But also I have there my story and my blog showing my journey. Please fell free to read if you interested.

    Lots of positivity and virtual hugs

    Zaneta, xx

  • Good luck with your report on Friday. You have certainly been through the mill lately but your oncologist will soon have a plan for your treatment which will help you focus on getting better. All the best!

  • Hello Lovely and welcome to the club nobody wants to join but we're all happy to meet each other and share our experiences wether that be as a supporter like myself or going through it yourself.

    First of all DON'T let the docs give you a sell by date like they love to do, you're an individual so defy all odds as I tell new people on this site to do.

    Secondly I want to tell you that you're a wonderful inspiration to someone like myself the same as every lady on this site who is going through this horrible disease.

    We're all here for each other day or night so please don't feel alone during this tough time if you want to chat to anyone about anything then someone will answer and this is the place to be xxx

  • 💕❤️

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