Hi I'm new, I just got diagnosed with ovarian cancer 5 days ago, I had a tumor that was connected to my ovary. The tumor was 8cm big, and I took the CA125 test and it was normal. So I had to wait to have my hysterectomy. I had all the symptoms of ovarian cancer, my stomach was really bloated. So I had the surgery it took 6 hours and I woke in the Cancer center in the Hospital. I didn't see my doctor but she said she was sorry but she found cancer in my ovaries and tumor. But thinks she removed it all. So now I'm waiting on the pathologist report. I will see her next Friday, to find out my staging and hoping for some good news. What stage do you think I'm at?

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  • Hi, Im sorry sorry about your diagnosis and can totally get how you are ferling right now but I think it would be wrong for any of us to attempt to guess what stage you are and I would urge you not to try and google anything either. Google will just scare the life out of you with out of date statistics etc. You really are best waiting to see what your dr says. I didnt know my staging for years, never wanted to know, all I wanted to know was what I had to do know to get better, whether that meant chemo etc. I know you are full of questions and want answers but your dr is your best starting point at this time, once you know more about your own situation then we can offer advice from our experiences, as you can tell from the comment about years earlier in this post Im an old hand at this OC lark so dont be writing yourself off either! I hope your are recovering well from your surgery, sending you a big hug Kathy xx

  • Thank you so much Katmal, I'm 44 and have 2 kids, I'm just scared. I appreciate you writing back, it's a hard time to wait, my mind starts wondering too much. I will have to be patient, and healed up from surgery and try not to be sad.

  • hi I was 48 when I was diagnosed and I too have 2 children and I know the emotional pain you are going through right this very minute. Im now 58 a nana and working full time. I had myself dead and buried and it was hard but as you can see Im still here, despite my stage 3 diagnosis (written in a letter from occ health despite being told I didnt want to know even though I could work it out myself!) and the surgeon telling me 'the prognosis is not good'. My mum had OC with a diagnosis of stage 3 and never had a recurrence. Do let us know how you get on and do post if you have any questions xx

  • So you had Ovarian Cancer and now, your ten years into the future. That's awesome, that gives me some hope. Yes I've a son that 20 in college and a 15 year old daughter. So I want to be there for them and my family and husband too💕

  • Yep and my mum went into remission for a lot more years so stay strong xx and positive xx

  • I would concentrate on the good things that you know. The surgeon took a long time on your op and thinks she got it all. This is a good start.

    One thing you learn the longer you're on here is how individual we all are and than means it''s very difficult to predict what the future holds for us as, given the same starting point, we all move forward differently.

    Avoid Dr Google!!

    Put all your energy into recovery so you're stronger for whatever comes next. Try and find something to enjoy in the present rather than worrying too much about the future. Are the primroses coming out where you are?


  • Thank you Mac 127, I appreciate your advice, and try to think more positive. But you made me laugh no primroses yet. We're still enjoying winter here, sarcasm, I wish it was Spring.

  • Hi Ivster, welcome to our lovely forum.

    I am sorry you've had this rubbish diagnosis but none of us would be able to even guess your stage, your doctor is your only source for this information. Do try to be patient, it's better to give it a few days and get the full information so you have everything you need to get your head around it all. Histology can take a few days to give an accurate diagnosis and staging.

    This is a really worrying time for you so please try not to take too much notice of the information on the internet as you don't yet know what you are dealing with and you could really scare yourself witless unnecessarily. Some of the information out can be bogus and misleading.

    Once you know your staging you then know what you're dealing with and you will also be given the information on how best to go forward with your treatment. Once you have this information we will all be able to give you the encouragement you need but we couldn't guess at anything at this point. Concentrate on getting better from your surgery for now and get back to us once you know.

    Sending big hugs ❤xx Jane

  • Awe, thanks ❤️

  • Try and relax and get it out of your mind. You cannot change you outcome by worrying. Try and concentrate on your family and stay busy doing something you love in the meantime.

    We are all here for you after you hear your diagnosis. We have a lot to collectively offer you in experiences and advise. There are women with lots of symptoms with low stage and vise versa. Mind over matter, stay in control and stay positive. I recommend if you have a smart phone to record your visit with your doctor and take someone else with you. We tend to only hear part of the conversation and forgetting other parts. you will be glad down he road to have it to listen to again.

    Xx Carol

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