Ovarian cancer??

Hi, I'm 47, had a subtotal hysterectomy 4 years ago, due to constant bleeding for nearly 5 years previous. Started getting what felt like period pains and some bleeding after sex, plus a bloated stomache around 7/8 months ago, after being told by the doc it was a urine infection and maybe sex was a bit rough. I wasn't happy and my body just didn't feel right, I finally went to another doc who felt my lower abdomen which was pretty painful, she sent for a Ca125 and an ultrasound (which took 5 weeks for an appointment)...I never knew what the blood results were but got told by ultrasound that I had a 10cm cyst on my left ovary that needed to come out. I still had to wait a week for the results to be sent back to doc, who then referred me to a gynecologist. In between the time of scan and waiting for gynaecological appointment which took another 3 weeks my symptoms have got worse, I feel sick all the time, can hardly eat, abdominal pain is much more severe and constant, have pains in my left thigh and hip, very pale and can hardly sleep as belly ache wakes me up. The Gynecologist said I now need an mri scan and another ca125. I now have to wait till sept 28th for mri (he said to see if it definitely was cancer. He then said I also need to see if it has spread) I go and see him on 7th Oct for results or in his words " To see if I definitely have cancer! "..he said either way I need an op it just depends whether it will be in 2 weeks of Oct 7th or 8 weeks. My symptons are not improving at all and I'm terrified I have ovarian cancer, surely a cyst wouldn't cause all these symptoms? Any ideas please?

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  • Hi there,

    First of all, welcome. You're going through a stressful time and I can well understand your position.

    You're on the NHS treadmill and things take time. The thing is though, you have dates, times and I suspect you'll get the earlier date if you are suspected of having the disease although you may get it sooner even if you don't.

    Even if your CA125 reading shows it is raised, inflammation in the abdomen caused by pressure from a cyst you describe can raise it anyway. A CA125 test is only an indicator and not necessarily accurate.

    A 10cm cyst is rather large and no other disease seems to have shown itself so you do have a large chance of having a benign cyst, particularly a benign cystadenoma, which grow rapidly.

    It's hard I know, but please don't jump to conclusions. Ovarian is a fairly rare disease with GPs seeing one case on average every five years.

    Take care and keep in touch. Xx

  • Thanks...I'll keep my fingers crossed. Xx

  • So sorry to read of your problems, Hev. You're going through a horrible time that most of us on this site will well remember and recognise - but on the other hand, there will be many who have been in touch who thankfully didn't have cancer. I sympathise so much with you and hope what you have is a benign cyst. If it turns out that it is cancer there are many treatments to be had.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for and remember we're always here for you.

    Sending a big virtual hug and best wishes for a good outcome, Solange. :-)

  • Thankyou, I was feeling pretty lonely until I found this site. Xx

  • Try not to worry - easier said than done! When my ca125 was high and my ultrasound showed something, things moved along within days. Am sure if they were overly concerned they would action everything sooner. Also once my CT confirmed their suspicions, I was due to go away so my op was delayed by a month - my consultant was more than happy to delay and said a month would be of little consequence.

    Hope they sort you soon.

    All the very best to you.

    Sandra x

  • Thankyou..I hope you are recovering well. Xx

  • So sorry you are going through this traumatic time. I found the waiting is the hardest time ever, the not knowing and fearing the worst. The only advice i can give is to stay strong and try your best to take your mind off things and keep busy (hard i know). The scan is not long now and then an appointment with consultants to discuss the results and the next steps. Once you have this information you will feel more in control. Try to avoid searching the internet, i did and scared myself which didn't help the waiting game. Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way.

  • Thankyou....I haven't really searched the Internet just looked up OC AND ovarian cysts, that's how I found this site xx

  • I like to think that if they really did think it was cancer, they would be moving a lot faster than this, so hopefully the cyst is benign. X

  • I know when my son was diagnosed with testicular cancer 3 yrs ago, it took 3 months from him first going to doc to being diagnosed, (he's now in remission). Same with my mum when she was diagnosed with breast cancer (unfortunately she had the most aggressive type and died, 10yrs ago tomorrow). So I've actually gone quicker, from getting scanned and getting gynee appointment till now.

    It's just the waiting....im still hoping it's a benign tumour, but since I collapsed in agony on August 24th whilst in Malta (I didn't go hospital there as didn't want to be kept in. Told a doc at my health centre on my return a few days later, and they just said if it happens again go to A&E) my health has gone right down hill, I've lost a stone in a few weeks..which at any other time I'd be over the moon with, pain has got worse etc etc.

    I have to stay strong as I've got an 8 yr old son and I don't want to worry him.

    Thankyou for trying to reassure me, it's very much appreciated. Xx

  • Hi there I went through the exact same thing u r going through all your symptoms were like mine was told it was a cyst full of blood causing the pain but it wasn't it was cancer both on the ovaries n spread to my colone I ended up having full hysterectomy part of the clone removed n now gVe a colostomy bag on my left side. They really made me wait n suffer bouncing me from one department to another please if u can have your test etc do privately get your diagnoses done ASAP I wish I had the cancer had spread from left ovary to colone to right overy n womb. Don't want to scare u but go private to get diagnosed then go back to NHS for treatment

  • Am really sorry to hear you have had a rough time...I did think about going private but was told it was pretty much about the same waiting time...I hope you are recovering now. Xx

  • Hello Hev,

    Its truly horrible all this waiting. I am like you waiting to hear what my MRI results is after being discussed at a multi-disciplinary meeting. The sonographer doing my initial ultr-sound said absolutely nothing to me during the scan. She let me whitter on about I must have started the menopause as my periods have gone haywire. When actually she was measuring a complex mass in my abdomen. I feel very let down and very stupid she didn't even warn me ! its my body after all.

    I am sorry you are in so much pain and discomfort, all this waiting and worrying is not going to help.

    please let us know how you get on, fingers crossed for you !

  • Thankyou I hope yours turns out well too xx

  • Have you had a CA125 taken? If not it might be worth asking your GP, it may put your mind at rest. Cysts disrupt the natural body flow while it tries to deal with an alien. That doesn't mean cancer so try not to worry. If they thought it was something really urgent the system would move faster for you to be seen. Positive vibes being sent your way.


  • Lol...I call my lump an alien...ive had two ca125..first one was high but not mega amounts, 2nd one I had last week and will get results on 7th Oct with mri results, unless I get called in. Xx

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