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Ovarian cancer - medical oncologist


Good Afternoon, my mom recently had a successful debulking surgery. At the time the surgeon said it is Ovarian cancer stage 3c, when she went to the medical oncologist - she said she wants to treat it as Stage 4 because of the liver. Keep in mind - Only a portion of the liver was removed and it was not inside the liver per pathology reports. They are offering her more chemo options based on this and want her to participate in a study run by the medical oncologist. It almost feels like they want to test her like an animal -The medical oncologist even said its great she didn't participate in the surgical oncologist's study (WHEN HE WAS PUSHING HER TO JOIN HIS STUDY). We want to go for a second opinion where the doctors are not concentrated so much on their studies, but on the patient - Does anyone or anyone they know have had a successful debulking surgery and then went for chemotherapy treatment and it was successful in the Tri-state area? I am confident that her surgeon did a great job, but they just keep pushing one study after the other on her (First stage studies)

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Hi Linda Most of the ladies on this site are UK based so I am not sure this is the correct place to post your question. What I would say, however, is that if your mum has been asked to take part in a trial or study then she will probably be more closely monitored. I have taken part in 3 trials, currently on my third and not once have I felt like I was being tested like an animal. I actually feel safer because I am more closely monitored. I hope you find the information you need. Kathy xx

Hi, I live in NYC, and my mom is receiving treatment at Mount Sinai Hospital, by a Gyn-Oncologist, named Dr. Monica Prasad. She did an optimal debulking on my mom back in September 2015, and then received dose-dense chemo (weekly taxol, and Carbo/Avastin every third week). She had a complete response at the time with her CA-125 dropping down to 3. She received Avastin as maintenance after and was NED until January of this year. She completed 2nd line successfully, but lately her numbers are on the rise again, though her latest scan is clear . My mom, and I have been very pleased with her level of care, and the friendliness and support of the staff at the cancer center at Mount Sinai.

Here is a link to her page if you're interested in setting up an appointment with her:


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Thank you so much, I hope your mom is responsive to this treatment. And best of luck.

My sister had chemo, then successful debulking surgery then five more rounds of carbo, taxol and avastin. She is now on maintenance chemo of only avastin every 3 weeks and doing very well, thanks to Rutgers cancer institute in new Brunswick, nj.

I am 3C and live in Seattle, WA. I had primary chemo followed by debulking surgery followed by 18 weeks of carbo/taxol plus IP chemo directly into my abdomen, was NED for 19 -20 months, had recurrence, followed by 6 months carbo/pegylated liposomal doxorubicin which killed tumor growing in liver on hepatic vein and MANY assorted "seedlings", CT at end of second line was NED. I get another CT early January to see if it's come back. As far as trials go, I would absolutely get a second opinion for your mother. I would NOT join a trial my doctor is PUSHING. In US trials are not filled quickly.

Hi, I’ve taken part in a clinical trial and the biggest upside is that the high level of care and monitoring you receive on a trial is excellent and possibly more thorough. The clinical trial I took part in was through the oncology team I was under. I would have thought the oncologists would be better placed to offer places on a chemotherapy trial but I’m in the U.K., things may be different in the USA with medical insurance coverage. Possibly an idea to discuss this fuller with both doctors who are offering your mom the trials. Good luck with what you and she decide, hugs to you both from across the pond ❤️Xx Jane

Are you going to Sloan Kettering? Or Rutgers or Yale?

I had successful debulking and chemo at Memorial Sloan in New York. I was offered trials which I was told to try to get into by my previous GYN due to the reasons mentioned here by others, plus the fact that I might find a combination that worked better than standard care. (the first was a phase III trial though--as I had no treatment yet--it combined a PARP or placebo with carbo/taxol but was double blind). Anyway--I never felt pushed into a trial (I have been on two now) but I chose to try. My medical oncologist at MSK is Dr. Dimitri Zamarin but I think they're all pretty great. Good luck! Judy

I am on a phase one trial and highly recommend it as I am very closely monitored every fortnight with scans every 8 weeks . I have liver mets which have reduced to less than one cm each so far. I think a second opinion with a top oncologist is essential if you are unsure what to do. Best results for treatment are usually found at the major cancer centres.

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