Ovarian cancer fear

Hi there, I'm new to the group. Im 28 and recently found a large mass in my left ovary. My ca-125 elevated. Waiting for surgery. My mass with excrecence that the gyn said it's sign for bad tumor. I can't share to anyone because all my family is far away. I feel like I'm too young for this. I'm here all by myself, so sad and lonely. I've so many fears for cancer since my uncle passed away last year with just 3 months diagnosed with throat cancer. I keep researching and researching for this couple days. Wish me luck on the surgery and hoping its not cancer!

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  • Try to stay calm of you can.  Wait hit your tests and results It is not always cancer. We are all thinking of you Snd we all know how hard it is xxx

  • Thanks sweetie, I just wanna know more experience of everyone. Pls share yours :)

  • Hi Katherine...pretty much everyone on this group will tell you that the waiting for test results is the worst thing...once you know what you are dealing with it becomes easier..even if it is a bad result which is by no means clear in your case.

    I would suggest that you stop researching if you can until you know what's going on...try to support your own wellbeing instead...get outside have some fun...eat ice cream etc! Tomorrow the Ovacome help line will be open and it might settle you to chat with the nurse specialist who is sooo reassuring. All best wishes to you xx Lyndall 

  • Yeah I know, trying not to. I'm opt to ketogenic diet and more excercises now

  • We are here for you and this is a safe place to post, as others have said waiting for news is the hardest time. Until you are actually given fact from tests or surgery it's all conjecture. Our minds play the most awful tricks on us and it's too easy for us to become fearful and scared which is natural but worse when you're on your own. The good thing is that the cyst (mass) HAS been found now and that is really positive for any treatment that is required. Try to keep calm, it's not easy but a camel state of mind keeps your body less stressed which is also helpful.  Take care and let us know how you get on. 


  • Thank you, I'll sure do. Do you have personal experience that can share w me :)

  • I meant ..a CALM state of mind and not a Camel! 

  • HI Katherine 1987.    I am so sorry you are having medical problems and that you are far away from family and friends at the moment.   However we are one big family on here and will support you no matter what.   So do you have a set date for surgery?  It might be a good idea for you to ring Ruth the Ovacome nurse or if there is a gynae liason nurse in your hospital or a Macmillan Centre do make contact with them.   I hope the surgery will go well and that all will be okay.  We are all inclined to think if and buts but really we stress ourselves our in our head by doing this.    Take one day at time at the moment, and be gentle on yourself

  • Its in 3 more weeks sweetie and I think this time is the hardest time in my life. I try to live healthy now , clean diet n more excercise instead of keep crying all day lolz

  • Hi Katherine,

    I agree with the other ladies,try not to worry as you don't know the outcome and you may be worrying needlessly,so try and treat yourself,get out in the lovely weather,yes, ring the Ovacome Nurse, or is there a close friend you can confide in,otherwise we are all here for you if you need a chat.

    Once you know what you are dealing with, you will feel a lot better, I do wish you all the best and let us know how you get on,


    Carole xx

  • Thank you so much, I do have my bf that supporting me but you know its hard to accept the news. With all my tests and lab showed that I'm suspicious for it means its 50% that I have it. But I believe in miracle does happen :)

  • As all the other ladies have said the waiting is the worst time and a fear of the Unknown. Please don't google as there is so much info out there and much of it wont apply to you. As your family is far away is there a close friend or colleague that you confide in and who you feel would be a calming influence. Once the treatment starts somehow some confidence will return to you as 'it' is being felt with. All the very best lots of love xx

  • Yeah true. Keep researching make me confused. Now I'm trying excercise more and eating clean. Make myself ready for the surgery. Are you on strictly diet or anything during treatment? Thank you for ur support ^_^

  • You'll probably find after both surgery and chemo that your taste buds go a little bit haywire! I found eating smaller meals more often was better for me. I also drank fizzy water,although they tell you not to drink fizzy things I used to pour a glass and leave it for a short time till the worst of the fizz had gone out of it. Once over the worst of the chemo I try to eat a fairly sensible diet with lots of fruit and veg. Like a lot of ladies on this site I have a nutribullet and have one smoothie a day. But I also treat myself as well,what is life for after all we have enough to contend with as it is. Stay strong you will get through it all. We all find an inner strength that we didn't realise we had! x

  • Hi sorry to hear this. You are going through a really scary time. Please try to stay away from Internet searches as you will make yourself ill. Some one else has recommended the ovacome nurse and I endorse this. Also if you have no family close what about friends? You really need support close support ate time like this. If it is worst case scenario there are treatments plans and those n here are testament to how well they can work. I had similar situation with abdominal mass and waiting for tests and to see gynae nearly killed me and husband. I've been lucky. Will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way x

  • So the result came out fine? Yeah all the information overwhelmed me. I try to stay healthy now. And thank you for you support 

  • Hi yes I had a scan and a biopsy which suggested multiple fibroids. I was recommended a total abdominal hysterectomy (too big ) with everything removed. The scan could not determine whether there was a tumour on my ovaries as they were behind the fibroid. It was a very frightening time and I have been very lucky.  Be kind to yourself. All best wishes x

  • Hi Katherine. I just want to wish you all the best . All the other ladies have said it all. My only little piece of advice would be to have your questions ready and written down as I am sure you have lots. If your friend goes with you all the better and she could take notes . Don't diagnose yourself by Google . It can be useful for information at a later stage but you need to know the reputable ones. This is the best one of all and as the ladies said the Ovacome nurse is really helpful.


  • Thank you ^_^. My family is flying over for my surgery. Just the feeling that when I jz got the news :(

  • That is good you will have support while in hospital and post surgery. It is daunting but also doable.  Retail therapy is in order a few nice nighties, soft towels, hand cream shower gel and maybe an ipod etc are useful to bring to hospital.  Maybe some magazines as your concentration may be adrift and unable to read books so magazines are better.  

  • That's great Katherine

    We all understand that fear before you even hear if the news is good or bad. I am so happy for you that your family will be there for you. They will be able to remember things you might not be able to at the time. In any case you don't know yet so I hope you get a good result. Even if the news goes the other way you will be given the best treatment and as you will see from this site women come through it and help each other . Take care and keep positive


  • Hi Katherine, as the ladies have said, waiting is the hard part.  Once your surgeon has done his woirk yoiu will know more.  There are so many different types of ovarian cancer, at this stage don't be going too deep into it all.  We are a great support network and will be here for you.  Good luck with the surgery. Ann x

  • Hi Katherine 

    I have two younger friends who had what appeared to be complex masses on their ovaries. Both turned out to be benign. I hope it's the same outcome for you.  


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