My Ovarian Cancer Journey

My Ovarian cancer story - I am 38 years old - I was firstly having problems with heavy bleeding and excruciating period pains during 2012 during that time I would also have bloating and indigestion problems. I visited my G.P who referred me to the ENT department to have a Gastroscopy to have a look at my stomach and everything else inside. Once this was done results showed everything was fine. I then was referred to the scan department to have a ultrasound scan for my pelvis and the results showed that there were 2 cyst on each side of the ovaries one which was 10cms and the other only 2cms. Anyway after the scan was done. The G.P doctor then referred me to the Gynaecologist Department after attending the appointment I was told by the consultant that I needed to have further tests such as MRI scan, blood test (CA125). Once both were done I was told the Cyst looks Benign but my blood test is on the high side (127) the doctor explained to me that the next procedure would be to get a laparoscopy because one of my cyst were very big (10cms) and said it needs to be removed surgically. I agreed to go ahead with operation which was booked for 16th October 2014 after the operation I was off from work for a total of 6 weeks, I healed really well my biopsy results had come through and I was booked for an post operation appointment. I went to my appointment with my husband but he had to pick up kids from school.The school is right next to the hospital. So he dropped me off and said he will meet me back once he has picked up kids. Anyway I went to my appointment to see the consultant she checked me and then told me that my biopsy results have comeback and the results show I have borderline serous cystadenoma so it's all fine and you can go. So I was happy and I was about to leave the room when the consultant got a call from the oncologist doctor asking me to wait. While the consultant was still chatting to the other doctor I waited in the room wondering to myself what was going on I was confused ! then my consultant had finished talking said to me to sit down and told me she had some bad news I was shocked she said I had stage 1c Ovarian Cancer -Diagnosed with O/C 11th December this point I was just so confused at one point she said everything was fine and the next this. I was crying and she asked if I needed to call anyway to be with me I then called my husband and told him the bad news. He was devastated and confused, he said to the consultant it's all got to be a mistake. I wanted more clarification it did not make sense to me so I was booked for another appointment with the Oncologist doctor anyway a week later when attending the appointment the doctor said during the laparoscopy surgery one of my cyst ruptured and when pathology looked at my biopsy they found abnormal cells. I was totally devastated and the only thing on my mind was I was going to die. The oncologist doctor said that I had 2 options 1. Being monitored every 3 months 2. Full Abnormal Hysterectomy. I was very confused and wanted this disease to just to go away. I have three beautiful children so I did not want anymore children my family is complete. I chose to have the Hysterectomy surgery was booked for January 2015 after the surgery I felt like crap it was a nightmare I was so much in pain and was constipated badly so much gas in my stomach after 6 weeks of these problems I had an appointment to see the Oncologist doctor I was very nervous and was scared of what might be the results ...... The doctor was smiling at me so I thought maybe some good news -? Doctor told me there is no evidence of disease and no evidence of borderline too everything is fine and said I just need to check you over and then discharge me. I was so relieved and so was my family. Throughout my journey whilst being diagnosed with this disease I was supported by my Family and God

🙏Never stop believing in God 🙏

I hope all the women which are going through this ..your disease gets cured..God listens to your prayers don't give up always have faith in God. God will make everything better🙏

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  • Hello, I'm God has blessed you in this way. Please look at my profile. I'm now having third line chemo which I'm praying will work. Please say a prayer for me. Lovis x

  • Don't worry Lovis just have faith in God, I have said a prayer for you 🙏 everything will be fine don't stop believing in the almighty God.... Be strong God Bless you 😊

  • He keeps me strong through the chemo and I know He can still cure me if it his will. I trust in him.

  • Hi there

    Many thanks for sharing have had a very rough time...are you completely discharged , as in no planned follow ups ?

    I had a similar experience two major ops and lots of confusion. However five years on nothing has come back and I am only now realising what a lucky escape I had.

    Do make sure that you take things very easy , two operations is no joke.

    Wishing you all the health and happiness you deserve xxx

  • Hiya,

    I have completely been discharged no more follow ups.... I did ask the oncologist again to double check but she said no your free to go there is no evidence of borderline disease.

    I am on HRT because of my age..... I'm still trying to recuperate from the operation still having slight headaches and indigestion problems but that will get better with time....

    I really appreciate your comment and really happy that five years on nothing has come back. God bless you😊

    That is such a lovely thing to say likewise all the best for the future😊😘😘😘

  • I'm a newbie on here but I was really touched by your journey! I was also diagnosed at 38 but with stage 4 OC! I am married with 3 beautiful children and really believe that my faith in God has got me through. I had the all clear in July 2014 and give God all the glory. I pray the awful disease never returns and I hope you enjoy your new found life with your family. Stay blessed.

  • Hiya,

    Sorry to have replied so late. I have just been back to work after being off for 8 weeks sick (Full Abdominal Hysterectomy). It feels so good to get back in a normal routine. Thanks for your kind comments and may the Lord God keep you blessed and you never stop believing in God no matter how hard it gets in life🙏 you know when I was diagnosed with this disease I kind of accepted it and carried on as normal with life it was very hard but I did not hate God for giving me this disease. I did think at the time why me? But I did not hate God I put my life in gods hand and carried on believing praying and hoping. To be honest my mother is very religious and I was not much into my faith but after these dreadful 8 or 9 months I became more religious and cannot believe the miracle. Thank you God🙏

  • What great and inspiring news from you all.

    God Bless you and give you grace to cope with any problems that come your way.

    Love Pat

  • Thank you Pat

    God bless 🙏

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