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Any new drug treatments I can ask the doctor about? Running low on options

Hi everyone,

I'm writing on behalf of my mum, who is a 61 and is positive, happy, and fit as can be despite having OC :) We are really desperate for any information on chemotherapies and treatments that might be available for her.

She has had stage 4 ovarian cancer for a year and a half now. It is NOT BRCA positive. It is also high grade, and is platinum resistant (platinum plus avastin lasted ALMOST 6 months, so it is classed as resistant even though cisplatin has been useful following that.

She has had the following treatments:

Avastin/paclitaxel/carboplatin (i think that's what it was first line)

Weekly taxol

Cisplatin/etoposide (she got 6 months from this)

She is now on weekly Gemcitabine

The doctor said we are running lower on options now and it is quite aggressive that it becomes resistant to treatment quite quickly. However is hasn't invaded any organs yet.

It has proven hard for her to get onto trials as she seems to go rocketing downwards into sub acute obstruction as soon as the chemo stops working and she is therefore never fit enough to start a trial. It is a catch 22!

We have heard that using epirubicin is a potential option, however I am not exactly jumping out of my seat with excitement for this old drug.

Caelyx isn't really an option for my mum as the doctor said it is more slow acting due to being liposomal, and my mums cancer is too rapidly dividing for it.

On the upside, my mum responds very well to new chemo as the faster the cells divide, the more susceptible they are to the chemo! (silver linings :) ) the point!

Does anyone know of any new treatments we could ask about? Even if they are treatments used in the US or other European countries and not available on the NHS?

Olaparib seems to only be for the "lucky" BRCA positive girls, so I am hoping there's something else out there that might give us some hope. Would appreciate any help you could offer.

I browse around here a lot just reading you girls' posts. I love how high spirited and positive you all are. I must suggest to my mum to join the group!

Much love to all you strong and lovely ladies xxx

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Hey, im sorry that you and your mum have to deal with this. BUT my dr told that one drug is on the way , and some patients can try it now , otherwise this drug comes in 2018.

But, i dont think this very helpful cause i dont remember the name of this drug but dr told that is radical turn in the ovarian cancer . You can ask if ur dr knows this.

Sorry, I cant help more.

Wishing you all the best ❤❤


Thanks so much for your reply. That sounds like it might be a trial drug then, but I will definitely ask the doctor! Hopefully they come up with a good treatment in the future some time xx


Hi. Dont rule out Olaparib. Its looking hopeful for non BRAC gene carrying ladies. Look it up on google 'olaparib for non BRAC'. Worth asking Yr mums Dr. All the best to you both xx Kathy xx


Oh really? I didn't know that. Do you have any idea if it would be available through the NHS? As far as I can see, it's almost £4000 per month to buy :( thanks so much for your reply x


Hi. Im not sure but its worth asking if there is a trial?


Thank you :) x


I've heard that too, an oncologist suggested I get a Somatic test. This is to do with looking at non BRCA ladies carrying a marker that could be used for olaparib

Not routinely tested and it's a new one out. RMH weren't doing it yet but apparently some local hospitalservices are.



Thank you so much! I will ask about the testing definitely! Xx


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