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Being positive

i had 3 cycles of cisplatin with excellent results after first one buts a time went on needed to wait a bit longer before each treatment. It didn't work enough and big effect on my platelets so it was stopped

Now im waiting to start avastin with small doses of taxol . Just wondering if anyone had had more positive result from avastin than the platinum chemo.

Cheers fiona

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Hi fluffyfrost. I not sure where you are but you and I seem to be closer than anyone else on this site. I guess we are in similiar situations. I am in remission at the moment. I would be interested in your reaction the avastin. Good luck.


Where abouts r u



I am in Australia. Where are you? The site said you were 1400 miles approx. from me. Maybe I read it wrong. Everyone else lives in ireland. X


I'm in New Zealand but come from uk


Good luck with the Avastin and Taxol mix Fiona. Avastin works by blocking the blood supply to tumours so they stop growing and hopefully die and I've heard it has been seen to be effective further along the line than originally used. I hope you have great success with it. xx Annie

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I hope so too! How's things with you ? Xxx


Hi Fiona, I'm fine today except suffering severe sleep deprivation after last night's dramatic election results. I shall be starting Taxol soon but with carbo-platin. I'm expecting the worse with carbo-platin as I had single agent for first line and a bigger dose. I wonder whether that increases and brings forward the likelihood of developing a resistance to it. I've given up asking questions about the future as nobody can really give us a clear answer.

Stay positive and well! xx love Annie


I am on Avastin for 17months now, first with Gemzar and now on its own for over a year. I do tolerate it fairly okay apart from sinuses and a few aches. My tummy might object now and again but in the main it is working, it first kept me stable and last scan in Aoril did show a shrinkage but oncologist was amazed at this, I happen to be an unpredictable patient, Things happen when they shouldnt and then results turn out better than expected, definitely a complex character to challenge my oncology team


I'm that unfortunately too a challenge. How long did it take before there was any evidence of it working xxx


Well in October Scan was stable and bloods were okay. Scan in April showed shrinkage which he didnt expect and bloods still same. Avastin cuts the blood supply to the tumour and I am hoping that it will continue to work because part of the diseased ovary was left behind because it was near a major blood vessel originally. So if it keeps cutting off blood supply I am happy.


It all sounds good:) did you have other treatment before you used avastin and have you used anything with it xxxfiona


Hi Fiona.

Don't think I can help with your current issue at present, but I wanted to say hello. Being a new member of this community, I'm playing about to find out how it works, and I think you may be one of my nearest contacts. If this is correct, I'd like to hope that we could both benefit from future correspondence.

I'm a bit younger than you at 53 and was diagnosed with PPC in July 2013. First line treatment with chemo and surgery seemed to go well but unfortunately I relapsed in January this year, and am now due to finish 2nd line chemo in June.

I hope your treatment is going well and look forward to further chats.

Take care.

Alikay xx


Hi Alikay,

Where abouts r u from?

I'm about to have my first dose of Avastin today and all expectations are on it for working . We need to see a stop to the disease seeing shrinkage would be fantastic.

I'm actually only 51 ,sorry, I don't know how old you thought I was . Ha ha

Yes it would be nice to have someone to chat to as you can gather there are a lot of beautiful people on this site with loads of experiences they can share .

Take care



Hi Fiona

Many apologies, but I think the chemo is affecting my brain more than I realised. I was reading the profile of another lady with a similar user name and got muddled up. Duh.

As it happens we are actually about as far apart as its possible to get (11000 + miles), but that doesn't mean we can't chat, meeting up might prove to be a bit more of a problem!!

I do hope your first Avastin treatment went well, and hopefully you will see the results we all hope for without too many side effects. I think I've had 4 Avastin treatments so far, but had to have a short break after the first as I had some dental problems. The team were concerned that it could have been drug related, but I'm sure it was related to my fear of dentists. Since I've been back on it though, I haven't had any problems of note.

I'm 53 as I said previously, and was diagnosed in 2013 and am coming to the end of 2 and line treatment.

My apologies again for the mix up, but happy to chat anytime.

Take care.

Ali xx


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