Chemo not working but starting another trial - anyone tried 6MP?

Had the results of CT scan after three cycles of Carboplatin/Gemcitabine. Unfortunately the chemo is not working as well as expected. Although my CA125 has gone down the tumours haven't shrunk. The good news is they haven't grown either so the chemo has kept them stable (they were growing quickly prior to starting chemo).

Unfortunately this means I am now classed as platinum-resistant. Fortunately the Royal Marsden have come up with other options, including weekly paclitaxol and other trials.

I have opted for another trial. It is 6MP (Phase II Clinical trial in patients with known BRCA Defective Tumours). Has anyone else tried this trial? The drug is taken in tablet form daily. It has been used for leukemia and rheumatoid arthritis and is now being tested on BRCA defective cancers. I have an appointment at RM on Monday and all being well I will start the new drug then.

best wishes to all


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  • Dear Sharon

    Good luck with this new trial. You really can't be in better hands than the Royal Marsden. Let us know how you're getting on.

    xxx love Annie

  • Hi Sharon,

    Sending you my best wishes for your new treatment, love x G x

  • Sorry that things haven't worked as planned.

    Good luck with the new trial. You have inspired me to lookk at the trials possibly available to me at The Marsden

    Good luck. Luv'n'hugs Suex

  • Sorry to hear the Gem/carbo is not working so well. I had a similar experience. Tried for 6MP(BRACA2+) but did not have enough measurable disease, (widespread small nodules) So went for a phase 1 PARP, Rucaparib and low dose carbo. However as it was taking time to get on the trial I went on to Gem/Carbo. 1st treatment CA 125 went down 500 points,( I had always responded very well to carbo combinations) then a slot became available on the trial. However after 2 cycles it was evident that the trial was not working for me everything was spreading so went back on the gem/carbo. CA 125 only lowered slightly this time and after 6 treatments had only gone own 500 points and there was no improvement in the cancer. I was changed to weekly taxol. After 6 weeks CA125 is down more than 500 and I feel better, just had a scan but no report yet. Justt started on the 2nd 6weeks. I am finding it very easy to tolerate.

    Really hope the 6Mp works very well for you but if not I think weekly taxol is worth a try.

    All the very best.xx

  • Dear Nandi

    Just what I needed to hear! I was at the Marsden yesterday after a less than successful course of Gem/carbo. They recommended weekly taxol and although I am very pleased that there is something else - just finding the thought of weekly chemo so soon a bit daunting. I'm sure I will get on with it. Are you using a cooling cap?

    Best wishes


  • No unfortunately lost my hair. Where I am treated in Cheltenham they simple do not have time for cooling caps. I am really coping unexpected well with the weekly taxol. I have clinic and chemo on the same day and so it is not too bad. I had chemo yesterday, always feel very tired after and was in bed asleep by 8, but woke OK this morning,had a nice long walk in the fields with our dog, gardened, made lunch, then crashed out for a couple of hours and I am ready for another walk. My consultant here is fantastic and as nausea and vomitting have always been so bad for me(ended up a couple of times in hospital on a drip)f she prescibed Emend when I was on gem/carbo and wanted me to stay on Emend,it works so well, also meds against acid reflux, since going on Taxol.

    Hope you find it easy and have good results with it. xx

  • That's a point, it may well be that my local hospital won't have the time for it either. I do have a decent wig in the cupboard from the last time.

    Good to hear you are so active, that's just the kind of day I will be aiming for. Too windy in the garden today.

    Also pleased to hear that you have got on top of your sickness.

    All the best for the scan results.

  • Thank you for your comments. Will let you know how I get on

    Sue - good luck with looking for a trial that suits you. I am very impressed with the Marsden.

    Nandi - thank you for sharing your experience and so glad to hear you are finding the weekly taxol tolerable. Good luck with your scan results - really hope you get good news.Weekly taxol is my next option is the trial doesn't work but I was worried about the side effects as after two cycles of the three-weekly taxol two years ago I had such bad neuropathy I couldn't use my hands and had to change treatments.

    Anyway fingers crossed for the 6MP!

    Best wishes to you all



  • Sharon

    I was at the Marsden yesterday and was recommended weekly taxol.

    Yes neuropathy can be a problem but the weekly regime is a low dose. I was told that if I can't do buttons up then it means that the dose is too high and must be lowered.

    V good to hear from others at the same stage as me. When your local oncologist says there is nothing more they can do for you its a relief to talk to the Marsden and find out there are still options.

    Good luck with the trial. I don't have a defective gene otherwise I think I'd have been given the option of your trial and its phase 2 which is great!

    Best wishes


  • So far, I have not experienced any neuropathy (fingers crossed) did have it mildly 1st line. I think having the slightly higher dose over 3 weeks is easier on the system that the big whack once every 3 weeks.

    Got my fingers crossed also for you re 6mp. Are you having it at the Marsden? xx

  • Hi Sharon.. Am following similar path.. The beast won't rest? Had taxol /. Carbotaxol, 6 th cycles.. Good reception but 8 weeks later had bowel obstruction,,treated with steroids and chemo.. Chemgarb and cystoplatin..... Stopped in jan 2013 as count high 2000! But CT scan showed no growth of tumours.....

    I had safari holiday as encouraged by Oncologist ??????2 days after returning got a subacute small bowel obstruction. Been in and out of hospital since as started me back on weekly taxol..... Last count was 2500! Higher than at any other am poorly but battling x have daughter 's wedding on 95 days xxx fingers crossed to all of us x

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