Whew !

After months and months of not knowing if I was going to get to go on this Immunotherapy , I got the call yesterday evening saying we were on for today !

This is a phase two trial . I have not been involved with a trial before and have been astonished at the amount of blood tests , CT scans , ECGs etc etc , the commitment of research nurses and my wonderful Chemo nurses who have been keeping me going for over five years . It is a real jump into the unknown but since I have been through many of the available drugs , I feel chuffed to be given this opportunity , am befuddled with gratitude to my Oncology Prof and his team for sticking up for me .

Over the years , I have learnt so much from you all , often laughing , rather than crying at the mess we have all found ourselves in through no fault of our own . Mostly marveling at us all .

What a bugger it all is . I have lost many friends in the last five years but nevertheless so many of us are living well beyond the original diagnosis , that I wanted the Oldies and the Newbies amongst us to know that I'm still fighting my corner .

Accentuate the positives ! The only way xx

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  • Hi Angela,

    Just had a read about (pem-bro-lee-zoo-mab) on the Cancer Research site and it says that treatment takes around thirty minutes every three weeks. Thats good isn't it... and even better that you will be closely monitored, it being a trial.

    I'm so pleased for you and of course I'm sending you all the positive vibes I can muster.

    Great to see you posting again.

    Debs xx

  • Go you! Let us know how it all goes. Love Lyndall

  • hi there Angeladale, I just want to wish you well on the trial and hope the side effects are mininal. It is great you got on to it well done you must be really chuffed, best wishes

  • Thank you all x Hope for all of us x

  • Hi Angela, it's great to read about your immunology trial. A close friend had this (for brain cancer) & for a while at least, it gave her a real boost! I'm glad you've got such a great team behind you...what a difference it makes!

    I'm a newbie on this site and at the start of my OC journey compared to some & have found everyone here so amazing!

    I wish you well with your continued battle! 💪🏻

    Jemima xx

  • Good luck with the trial. I'm just finishing a trial at the moment and have found it great to get such individual attention (I'm not needy as this may sound) and get to see my once weekly. Really pleased for you.


  • Good luck Angela!

    Everything crossed for you!


  • Good luck! Sounds very exciting. xx

  • Wishing you the very best and lots of positive vibes, let us know how you are doing



  • Good luck , delighted for you. I'm sure you played a huge role in getting on board too. Very encouraging to see these trials taking place. Keep us posted , x

  • Good luck for your trial I hope everything goes well for you 😃

  • Angeladale,

    That's wonderful news to hear really pleased for. It's been a long wait for you but it gives hope to the rest of us .

    Hope all goes well, as you say they will keep a close watch over you too.

    Keep up the good fight


  • Good luck Angela. Fingers and everything else crossed for you 🌻😘😘

  • Fab, I have read of the great results with head neck skin & brain cancers. Loads of luck & do keep us informed.

    I live in the Channel Islands & this is not funded here. Plus, I am well at present, tho not sure I am eligible for trials if the dreaded thing recurs, but it's good to know these things are out there. Jimmy Carter is still around!!!

  • Hi,

    Great news for you, hope it all goes well.

    Wish I had your Proff.

    Where do you live, is the trial in London?


  • UCH in London . Prof Ledermann . Whole team are brilliant .

    Trix ,I do feel very lucky .


  • Thanks so much for the info, I am looking at trials now as I am not sure if the chemo is still working. My oncologist won't do anything.

    Wishing you all the very best. X

  • Keep us up to date Trix, xx

  • I will Deb, not a lot going on at the moment. Next bloods and Oncologist on 1st Sept.

  • Hi Angeladale

    I always love when I hear someone has been offered a trial as it's such a positive step . Firstly the patient who agrees to go on one has to be really admired. Their act of generosity brings us all closer to an answer to this horrible disease. The immunotherapy is the new state of the art treatment and you will be a great pioneer . As far as I know it has been tested and succesful in other cancers. When you read on the subject it it makes such logical sense that you wonder how nobody thought of it before. The time will hopefully come when the old armoury of " poison , slash, burn " will be a thing of the past . I hope the side effects are not too bad , if there are side effects that is. I am sure you will be told what to expect . Well done you for offering to go in the front line of battle. What is the criteria for even applying for one as I have often asked and just told it doesn't apply to me ?

    You go girl and keep us posted.


  • Hi Angela, great news!! Onwards and upwards!!

    Sending you lots of love and the very best of wishes for a successful treatment. From what I've read, immunotherapy seems to be the way to go. After all our body has in inbuilt defence system that needs support and a prop up against the vile big C cells

    Jackie O xxx

  • I'm soooo pleased for you, Angela. Will be keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you - metaphorically, of course 😊 Hope any side affects are minimal.

    Love Solange xx

  • Good luck Angela with your trial. I'm guessing you're already on your way to UCH if the trial is starting today. May your side effects be few or better still, non-existent, but most importantly the new drug with the unpronounceable name, works. All the best, Helen

  • It all sounds really good, a phase two is even better, I wouldn't fancy a phase one. Are there many taking part?

    Positive thoughts coming your way for a great outcome.

    LA xx

  • Hi Angela. Just wanted to join all the others in wishing you well with the trial. Please keep us informed as to how you get on. Love Ali x

  • Thank you , and I certailny will keep you all informed . x

  • Hi Angela

    Absolutely brilliant after so many lines of chemo still cracking on. Isnt of wonderful that you have been offered a trial after so many concoctions. The trial world is a different ball game, you will be very suprised how much detail goes in to it and the monitoring. I have my fingers crossed for you. Buckets of good luck lets us know how you go on.

    Kind regards Barbara.

  • Thank you and I will try to put up a progress report .x

  • I am really pleased you have been accepted for the trial, fingers crossed that this immunotherapy is the key to tackling thIs horrible disease. Keep us posted with your progress xx

  • So pleased for you Angela good luck x🌷X

  • Thank you x

  • Angela

    Sending you positive vibes and lots of good wishes.

    Ellsey xx

  • Thank you x

  • Great news Angela. I've not been on a trial either but I think you've got nothing to lose. One thing is certain though, on a trial you will be very closely monitored which is good.

    Good luck. Ann xo

  • So it would seem ! Lovely to hear from you and hope you are OK .


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