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I've been quietly following your posts for the last 12-18 months but I think this is probably my first post (although I've occasionally commented on others). My mum was diagnosed with Stage 3c OC in February 2012. Over the last 5 years she has had various combinations of chemo and participated in some trials for new drugs. On diagnosis she asked for her prognosis and her Dr (an amazing lady) promised to keep her as well as possible for as long as possible. She kept her promise and during the last five years we have had many periods where life has seemed normal.

At the end of January mum was admitted to hospital with a chest infection and various other small symptoms. She spent 6 1/2 weeks in hospital as they tried to overcome each new problem. I'm heart broken to say that this time last week they confirmed that they couldn't do anything further and we lost mum Friday evening.

My mum was a fighter and we strongly believe that her determination helped her fight the OC for a lot longer than the Dr's expected, they told us this on Wednesday. Even on her last day she held on for a lot longer than anyone expected for just a few more minutes with us.

The reason I wanted to post is to say thanks to all of you from those of us who are reading but not posting. I've used this site several times, looking through old posts to find information for mum. I've also seen the support that you offer each other which is incredible.

I wish you all well. I will keep reading through the posts from time to time and offering support to other daughters and families as I can.

To the ladies currently undergoing treatment please keep fighting as much as you can as every extra minute/hour is so precious.

All my Love

Joanne xx

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  • So sorry you have lost your Mum. She sounds like she was a very courageous lady and she has a wonderful daughter. 😘😘🌻

  • So sad to hear of your loss. You and your mum were lucky to have each other you both sound amazing. Hope you can find a way through this sad and difficult time. Love to you and your family xx

  • Hello Joanne. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news, it sounds as though your Mum fought long and hard. I'm sure that she was very proud to have such a supportive daughter as you. My condolences are sent to you and the rest of your family. Xx

  • So sorry to hear of your loss. Your mother sounds an incredible lady and I am sure she fought so hard because of your support and love. She was blessed to have you as a daughter.

    I have two very supportive daughters and this journey would be much harder without their love and encouragement. X

  • Hi Joanne. I want to offer my sincere condolences on your loss. Having lost my own dear mum 11 years ago to cancer I know exactly how you are feeling at very sad time. Your mum was obviously a very courageous lady and obviously much loved having raised such a lovely daughter. Thank you for your lovely words. We will all keep fighting as your mum did. Take care. Kathy xxx

  • Sending condolences on your loss. Your mum was very lucky to have you and five years sounds great.

    LA xx

  • Thank you for posting Joanne. It's really encouraging to read that your mum had many periods of normality during the five years following her diagnosis. She sounds a true fighter and she has a really caring daughter. Thank you for your kind words about our site.

    It's not easy, a death of a parent and I hope you can keep remembering the good times.

  • So sorry for your loss... your mum is at peace and pain free... I lost my dad 17 years ago now from lung cancer it gets easier to cope with time but I still think of him everyday ... it's hard when they are so sick for so long that's at the fore front of your mind... remember the good times and smile at these memories ❤

  • To Joanne

    So sorry for your sad loss . Your mum sounded a true teal warrior and am sure she was very proud of you. Am so glad you had some normal days and am sure in time your memories of good times together will be of great comfort.

    Lots of love and a big hug Kim X

  • So sorry for your loss. Your mom sounds like quite the fighter. I am at the beginning of this journey-as my mom was just diagnosed with stage 3 Fallopian tube cancer one month ago.

  • So sorry for your loss Joanne,

    I lost my mum almost 2 years ago and I know its very painful! I am so glad the forum was able to assist in some way I too have found great comfort in it and continue to do so!

    Take Care and I am sure your mum is resting in pain free peace looking down proudly on her family!


  • Dear Joanne

    Such a very very hard time for you. I know just how awful a time you are going through. it's a very hard time for you and your family now and I send you as much love and prayers as I can possibly.

    You were there for your wonderful mum, now you keep going day to day for yourself and your family. Take whatever approach works for you now, talk out loud to her, write to her, cry for her and you. Smile as you recall the lovely things she did and said, laugh and smile too as so many things, actions and her words, gestures etc will come to you , this all happens at the same time as the grief so it's hard and I send you a big virtual hug

    Clare ❤️❤️

  • So sorry to hear about your Mum..she was a fighter clearly. Now she is at peace with no pain but you are left with such a loss. Do keep in contact and please ask for help if you need it...grieving is a strange business xxx Lyndy

  • I'm so sorry about your mum, Joanne xxx

  • Hi Joanne, My heart goes out to and your family,she sound like she was a fighter.

    and with you by her side this would have helped, I have a daughter she is my full glass person cheers me up when I need it.

    Lorraine xxx

  • Joanne, thank you for posting, am sure you all appreciated those 5 years she gave you...and we appreciate your words now. Do hope you can concentrate on all the good times but cry too when you miss her so much....Chris x

  • Hi Joanne,

    Don't know what to say apart from what has been said apart from that you have lots of happy memories with your mum,she wouldn't want you to be sad,but remember those memories.

    I know because I have a 30 year old daughter and a 28 year old son and a 3 year old grandson.

    I would want them to remember the good times and remember me fondly,

    Best wishes to you,

    Love Carole xxx

  • I'm so sorry for you loss- it sounds lke she was a true fighter and you sound like an amazing daughter. My thoughts are with you at this difficult and sad time.

    Juliet x

  • Oh Joanne, my deepest sympathies to you and your family on the loss of your mother. Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman and an inspiration to all of us to fight as hard and as long as we can. Take care.


    Stacey x

  • Joanne I am adding to all the other condolences. It is rubbish you lost your mum. I hope you are able to slowly remember all the good things and times you had, but meanwhile I wish you peace and comfort as you deal with this.

    All the best, Netti x

  • Joanne, please accept my condolences. I'm sure your mum appreciated everything you did for her during her illness, your love and support would have meant everything to her. Sending you a big hug. Ann xx

  • Thank you for sharing your story, your mum sounded like she was so courageous. I wish you well xxx

  • Joanne - I'm so sorry to hear you've lost your wonderful Mum, but like mine, she sounded like a real trooper. I hope you take some solace in her dignity and strength and also some comfort in knowing she had her blessed family with her throughout the fight. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for posting. Jemima xx

  • No words to cover the sadness but I'm sure all of the family are supporting each other. I'm glad that you had some great times throughout the last five years. Thank you for your positive message xx

  • So sorry for the loss of your mum and she fought the fight to spend precious time with her wonderful daughter. She sounds a remarkable mum.

    Ellsey xx

  • I am so very sorry for your sad loss Joanne, please try to take some comfort from the five extra years you had with your mum, I'm sure she really appreciated the love and care you gave her. I'm sure that in time there will be happy memories to cherish and remember fondly and I am sure she will be looking down on you from where she now is joined by all the other teal angels.

    Thank you for sharing with us and I just wanted to send lots of love and big comforting hugs to you are all your family. ❤xx Jane

  • I am so sorry for your loss but happy that you were together for those 5 years.

  • I'm so sorry to read about the loss of your mum. She was obviously a courageous woman with a wonderful family to support her. May all of your memories comfort you during the difficult times! Thank you for taking the time to share with us! This site is full of amazing people.



  • Hi Joanne,

    I am so sorry to hear about your mum, she sounds like she was so courageous - a realfighter.

    I can relate to how you feel as I lost my mum to cancer 34years ago last week aged 41. Now I am in the same situation and have my husband and 3 lovely daughters helping me through it.

    hold on to all the lovely times you had together .

    My thoughts are with you and thank you so much for posting

    Carolyn x

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Joanne. Your mum was one brave lady who passed on her courage to her daughter. She obviously fought this disease as hard as she could and you can have no regrets on that score. It is such a sad time for you but good memories will help you through when you know that you helped her through those difficult times. May she rest in peace


  • So sorry to hear about the loss of your mum Joanne. She certainly fought hard and is an inspiration to us all. Sending a virtual hug, Dawn

  • Thank you for all your responses, they mean a lot. Once my sister and dad are feeling a bit stronger I will show them to them too in the hope that they find comfort from them also xx

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